Hot wood, “soft pancake”

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Fusong County Xinglong township after chuangzi village characteristics of the “soft pancake” stove under the red firewood reflected yao elder sister’s face red, 鏊子 on the batter was gently pushed to turn around and around, sizzling sound, steam in a golden round and fragrant and soft pancake from 鏊子 off.Neatly placed on the curtain, these are the famous soft pancakes in Houtaozi Village.Hu Wenjie, secretary of the Village branch of Houqiaozi Village, said:”After the trip to village pancakes processing has decades of history, since the sixties and seventies last century, the villagers is given priority to with whole grains, staple food is pancake, families do batter, flipping a pancake, our village women most flipping a pancake, the villagers are mostly, the early years the shandong offspring, braving the journey time flipping pancakes workmanship, is the shandong hometown inheritance.With the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, now the method of eating advocates coarse grain, so our village soft pancake has been famous in the county.The main material used in Houquizi village and batter is local corn varieties. First, remove the germ of the corn and keep only the starch part. Grind the corn into ballasts and soak it in a container for 12 hours at the same time in accordance with the proportion of 10%.Add soybeans, also need to soak for 12 hours, then use water to grind all kinds of raw materials into batter, batter need to add some water, can not thin can not dry, thin can not save.The early preparation is proper, the next step is to see the technology of flipping soft pancakes, choose 鏊子 is the key, shandong pancake 鏊子 is not flipping soft pancakes, this is also an obvious difference.Next, let’s talk about the tool, the scraper for burning soft pancakes. In order to smooth the pancake, people generally choose the flower tree ban, which is unique to this region. It is 20 centimeters long and a chopstick is used as the handle in the middle.When it gets cold in winter, the women in the village bake pancakes when the temperature outside is minus ten degrees Celsius.Are generally four or five people together in partnership, a day is a burger.While flipping and receiving orders, the online sales are mainly through wechat. With the continuous expansion of the pancake market, the market demand is constantly increasing, and the income has also increased a lot.They also remind customers at the time of sale that the soft pancake must be frozen.Otherwise it will go bad and taste bad.When taken out of the freezer, the pancakes need to be warmed up to taste good.Village secretary Hu Wenjie said: “Our village soft pancake is a product with local characteristics of Fusong, the processing season of the village engaged in soft pancake processing of dozens of villagers, every year through wechat and other online ways to sell more than 1,000 pounds, there are also many consumers come to purchase.Author qiao Yuanwu sun Yejun reporter Hou Chunqiang Editor-in-chief Meng Fanjie Shi Wei Han Tieying editor Chi Ruibing