In 2013, his wife disappeared and his husband searched hard for 1 month. When he found his wife was pregnant, neighbor: mine!

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“Don’t do it! Tell it!”In a small area of Changsha, Hunan province, there are two men wrestling together, one fat, the other thin, fat man round and round against the thin man, the body of the flesh swaying with the movement.And the thin man did not show weakness, he also swung his fist at the fat man.The young woman beside was so anxious that she kept Shouting: “Stop fighting!”But the two men showed no sign of stopping.In the chaos, the woman grabbed the bigger, stronger man and shouted to the other, “Run!”The thin man ran to the door, turning back as he went.The fat man saw the woman pull him, grabbed her neck and roared: “What are you pulling me for?Afraid I’ll beat the shit out of him?Do you feel sorry for him, you shameless woman! ‘Beside the woman talk in succession, in the end what happened?These guys look like they’re in their 40s and 50s. Can they be crazy about feelings?The fat man’s name is He Libin, and everyone calls him Lao He. He looks very strong, grabbing the woman next to him is as easy as picking up a chicken.His fat belly pressed against the woman and he shouted curses in her ear in dialect: “What you have done has violated Chinese morality!So do you have to explain?”The woman hurriedly apologize: “good, sorry!”Her words were full of trepidation and uneasiness, as if she were afraid she would do something to her.However, old He did not accept the apology, he grabbed the woman’s arm, a hard pull, the woman pulled a staggering.”Sorry?You’re sorry now?You got nowhere to run. It’s your full moon bar, okay?Come on, guys, it’s their full moon today!The impudent woman!Ugly!”One arm was tightly clutched by Lao He’s big fat hand and the other hand covered her face, as if she had really done something “against” morality.So what exactly is this woman hiding?Was she really, as the fat man used to say, “shameless”?In fact, a month ago, old he still frantically looking for her whereabouts, why this woman to escape from old he’s side?Who is that thin man?If it is a woman’s “lover”, then why did he leave the woman and run away?What the hell happened this month?The woman turned out to be Old He’s wife, li Fang.They had been married for 23 years, and their life was so uneventful that it seemed as if they could see the end at a glance.But the change came as a surprise.When He got up one morning a month ago, li Fang was nowhere to be seen.Instead, I found hundreds of dollars, a bank card, and two flat keys on the desk.Old he was very puzzled: “Where did this woman go?”Then he went to work normally, expecting to see his wife when he returned.Unexpectedly, after he entered the house, the house was still empty. He did not expect that his wife Li Fang did not come back for the next two or three days.”This woman, has she gained skill?How dare you run away!””He muttered.Then he began to look for her. He walked all corners of the community, but Li Fang was nowhere to be seen.He began to worry that his wife was cheated by the pyramid selling organization!So he turned to the police, who took a look at the security cameras, especially at the gate.However, they found that there was no Li Fang among those who walked out of the community.So is Li Fang not out of the community?Or she deliberately avoid the monitoring of the community, deliberately not to let her husband find himself!But for the next month, he searched all the streets of the city but could not find Li Fang.It’s like she just disappeared off the face of the earth. There’s no trace of her.But he never thought that Li Fang was actually right beside him.He asked his friend to keep asking for news of his wife, and one day he finally received a reply.Friends sent a photo to him, he opened a look, suddenly found that is the disappearance of a month of Li Fang.She was twisting another man’s face, holding a toothpick, picking his teeth.The man looked a little thin, and Li Fang was very close to him. To outsiders, the two must have been a loving couple.Lao He’s violent temper suddenly came up, he suddenly stood up and walked downstairs.Fat as he was, he walked slowly and even looked a bit sloppy.When he came to the front, he saw a man next to Li Fang and punched him.The thin man was beaten, but When Li Fang spotted Old He, she started screaming, “Why are you here?Lao Feng, get up!Let’s go!”She quickly picked up Lao Feng, the thin man on the ground.But Old He insisted, “Go?Which way?You want to run away because you slept with someone else’s wife?I did not think you are!”Then clench thin man is a fat beat!That’s what happened at the beginning!Li Fang held Lao He and told Lao Feng to run away!Lao Feng turned back as he ran, as if he could not let Li Fang go!When he saw his men running away, he did not pursue her for the time being. Instead, he held Li Fang’s wrist tightly for fear that she would run away again.This incident attracted the side of the reporters, they heard the news rushed to interview the two men.”Why don’t you go home?Husband is not good to you?””Do you ask him if he treats me well?” cried Li Fang.But old he interface way: “every time steal a person, I beat a person, you want to keep a woman only, I don’t move a finger!”Li began to cry and when asked, “Did you have an improper relationship with this man?”She immediately denied it.There’s no illicit relationship. Why is it so intimate in the picture?He did not believe that she wanted to check her rented house in the community, but was immediately blocked by Li Fang, she would not tell her husband where the rented house is.Things came to a deadlock, li Fang firmly denied that she had an improper relationship with Lao Feng.That’s when things took a turn!Lao Feng came back on his own initiative!”Are you having that kind of relationship with Li Fang?”Lao Feng nodded affirmatively.That’s weird, right?Li Fang was firm in her denial, while Lao Feng was crisp in his admission.What exactly is the relationship between the two?What really happened?Later, li Fang finally agreed to enter her rented house.As soon as he entered, he was shocked. There were many familiar things here.Things that had been in his house disappeared without him knowing it.His wife, Li Fang, moved like an ant, slowly and without trace to get here, quietly led their own small life.”You this, and Feng Tao lead together?”Lao Feng sarcastically said.”No!No!You’re too suspicious!”At this point, Li Fang still refused to admit her relationship with Lao Feng. She gritted her teeth and refused to speak.Are she really just friends with Lao Feng?At this point, Feng Tao got up and poured a glass of water, the reporter saw that he was very familiar with this room, as if he had been to many times.By this time, Li Fang was also exhausted. She finally admitted her relationship with Feng, when asked by a reporter, “How long has it been like this?”‘Half a year!”Lao Feng also has a wife. How can he give you happiness?”Old he sniffed, to oneself was wearing half a year “cuckolded” very is not happy.’That’s better than you!Li Fang shouted.It turned out that Li Fang was the second wife of Lao He, who had a child with his first wife.After his divorce, he met Li Fang, who was nine years younger than him, but they never had children after they got married.Li Fang desperately wanted to be a mother, while Feng Tao, whose 12-year-old son died in an accident, also desperately wanted to have a child.After losing their child, Feng’s relationship with his wife gradually faded, and even at 50, he still yearned to have a child of his own.The two hit it off and began to warm up, leading to an illicit relationship.And Li Fang is finally pregnant.Hearing the news, Lao He felt a little disheartened.”I don’t want to say anything more about it.As long as she admits her mistake and doesn’t do it again, I’ll forgive her.I can take the child!”This farce ended like this, but at the end of the article, the author wants to say that all people in the marriage, should abide by the marriage morality and law, loyal to each other.Wish you all a happy marriage!