Provincial political and legal team education consolidation summation meeting held, Lin Wu speech, Shang Liguang chaired

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On January 24, the provincial political and legal team education reorganization summation meeting was held in Taiyuan.Provincial party secretary, provincial political and legal team education rectification leading group leader Lin Wu attended the meeting and spoke.He stressed that to thoroughly study and apply the rule of law thoughts and xi xi general secretary about team spirit the important instructions of the reorganization of the education of politics and law, summarizing the results of consolidating deepening team education reorganization of political science and law to promote comprehensive strictly tube party sternly jing normalized institutionalization, forging quality tiejun of political science and law, to better shoulder the mission given by the party and the people, for the all-round development of high quality to provide strong protection.Shang Liguang, deputy Secretary of CPC Provincial Committee, presided over the meeting. Provincial leaders Wang Yongjun, Chen Anli, Wu Wei, Zheng Liansheng, Feng Jun and Yang Jinghai were present.Lin Wu in his speech, pointed out that the central party committee deployed to carry out the team of political science and law education since the consolidation, provincial party committee resolutely implement the jinping important instructions and General Secretary of the CPC Central Committee decision deployment, firmly carry political responsibility, to grasp the policy strategy, carefully organize the implementation, the province team education reorganization has achieved remarkable achievement of political science and law, political science and law departments and the policemen political loyalty into the veins of political science and law,The political ecosystem has continued to be cleaned up, the people’s ranks have become healthier, deep-rooted problems have been effectively addressed, the spirit of being an exemplary model has been promoted, and the people’s satisfaction with it has increased.Practice fully proves that the decision made by the CPC Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping at its core to carry out the education and rectification of the political, judicial, and judicial forces has been made with foresight, wisdom, and decisiveness, in response to public opinion, and demonstrating the authority of the rule of law.Lin Wu points out, pay special attention to the team construction of political science and law, it is necessary to improve the political pendulum, compaction and political responsibility, must have the courage to revolution, to the true face difficult problems, must grasp the policy strategy, tempering justice with mercy, must strengthen the system thinking on building rules and regulations, pay attention to, must rely on the masses of the people, to open the door rectification, must pay attention to overall consideration, strongly promote work.We need to consolidate and deepen the achievements made in the education rectification process, make it regular and institutionalized to comprehensively and strictly govern the Party and the police, and strive to build an iron army of law, law, and law that the Party and the people can trust, rely on, and trust.First, we need to make sustained efforts to strengthen political development.We have been building up and mastering the ranks of political, judicial, and judicial officers and police, taking Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era as a lifelong compulsory course, and guiding them to transform their heartfelt support for the establishment of the “Two principles” into conscious actions to uphold the “two Principles”.Second, we need to continue to make efforts to eliminate the effects of current poisons.Politically, we must recognize the great harm caused by sun Lijun, Liu Xinyun and other serious violations of discipline and law. We must continue to carry out self-examination and self-rectification, organize investigations and conduct inspections in coordination with discipline enforcement investigations, and never allow anyone or anything with problems to slip through the cracks or leave behind hidden dangers.Third, we will continue to work hard to improve conduct, strengthen discipline and fight corruption.We will pay close attention to the key minority, key areas and key posts where power is concentrated, funds are intensive, and corruption is vital to security and the people’s wellbeing. We will ensure that all cases are investigated and any corruption brought to justice. We will remove all viruses that erode the health of the political and judicial forces, and ensure that they will never deteriorate, change color, or become tainted.Fourth, we need to make sustained efforts to control intractable diseases.We will establish and improve long-term mechanisms for regular coordinated efforts to address longstanding problems in law enforcement and justice, and accept oversight and evaluation from the people. We will continue to investigate and deal with prominent problems such as cases that are not resolved, cases that are under pressure to go uninvestigated, and crimes that are not prosecuted. We will continue to evaluate and resolve complaints and visits involving laws and lawsuits, and take special measures to reduce temporary leave for those who violate laws and regulations.We will strive to ensure that the people feel fairness and justice in every legal system, every law enforcement decision and every judicial case.Fifth, we should continue to make efforts to improve the long-term mechanism.We will deepen reform of the field of political science and law, and actively explore as a whole task force to supervise of the commission for discipline inspection supervisor committee and party committee politics and law committee work, the organs of political science and law supervision supervision mechanism of the carrier, surrounding the policemen of politics and law violations and jobs are prone areas, improve the education management, early warning system of prevention, supervision and punishment system, promote the normalized cadre exchanges turns the institutionalization of political science and law,We will give full play to the comprehensive effects of addressing both symptoms and root causes.Six in the team element can continue to improve efforts.The specialized construction to the position of the more important to grasp, actual, practical, effective guidance, build the response demand, adapt to the actual combat, the quality and ability of comprehensive development, covering career training system, improve policemen legal policy crowd using ability, risk prevention and control ability, work ability, science and technology application ability, the ability of consensus guidance, incentive policemen bear as.Lin stressed that party committees at all levels should consciously shoulder the main responsibility of comprehensively and strictly regulating the Party and police, timely study and solve prominent problems, and provide a strong guarantee for the building of the political and judicial forces.Party committees, politics and Law committees should strengthen organization and leadership, political and legal organs at all levels should fulfill their direct responsibilities, and relevant departments should fulfill their coordinated responsibilities, so as to form a regular work pattern for comprehensively enforcing strict supervision over the Party and police.The conference will be held in the form of teleconference.Provincial political and legal team education rectification leading group and office members, provincial political and legal units leading group members to attend the meeting.Each city, county (city, district) set up a sub-venue.Radio and television source | shanxi daily, shanxi