The girl who doesn’t fly

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I had dinner with a girl last week, and she’s no more flying than I am.I joined the company a few years later than me, so I stopped flying around the time. I am still working in the company, doing some administrative work.At the end of March and the beginning of April, spring is in the air but the cold wind is still the same, two people who have flown now sit together, without much words can give birth to a lot of common feelings.I said that I had a dream about taking a flight recently. Sometimes I went out for the night, sometimes I missed the flight, sometimes I was complained by passengers, and sometimes I forgot to bring my boarding pass. It seemed that there was only one time when I was too happy to wake up, and I couldn’t remember anything else.A few days ago, I dreamed that I was going to fly to Hong Kong. The day before I left, I suddenly remembered that I had no official passport. In the dream, I called the leader in a hurry to ask how to do.Suddenly thought of coming back is it necessary to isolate for a long time, things with enough?Panic woke up, sitting on the edge of the bed some lost.The girl said that she was ok, after all, every day in the company can see colleagues, but also can laughingly chat together.The office work was dull, but they had all flown there before, and it was not so difficult to interact with each other.I listened to the music in the restaurant and drank by myself. I listened to her talk about the state of the company and thought of some girls.A friend in an airline in Beijing had a boyfriend with the same company. Before the epidemic, they both resigned and returned to their hometown. Originally, they wanted to start their own business to open a flight attendant interview consulting agency, similar to an intermediary.Did not think of the epidemic suddenly hit, two people settle for the next best thing, they went to the hometown of a private university to make a professional flight attendant teacher.But this kind of major, nine out of ten is to earn high tuition fees, really can teach younger students what?It’s hard to say.One day, a year later, IT occurred to me that when I opened her moments, I only saw her for three days, which were as clean as the wall, and I no longer saw her sharing the pictures of eating and drinking, and the whole day.I asked her: long time no contact, how are you recently?She replied to me in the evening: How to say.Say than fly when happy, some against one’s will.It is not right to say that I am not happy now. At least I can go home every day and do not have to worry about everything.I said that with the state of the industry, I’m curious if you can still recruit in your field.”It’s ok, it’s a lot,” she said. “For most people who haven’t experienced this industry, they don’t know how bad it is, and even if they do, they can’t imagine it.”There was no happiness in her words, and I didn’t have the nerve to ask her how she was with her boyfriend.There was a girl from the South who had a strange story.In the company before, she was falsely accused of stealing other people’s things, but not very valuable, but she did not have evidence to prove his innocence, because this matter has also been excluded by others, and got depression, the squadron tried their best to let her leave, she also had to leave the city.But she did not give up, still full of love to this job, take advantage of their young, to learn again, looking forward to the next interview.I asked her why she went back to the airline.She doesn’t know. She just likes flying with her friends.I think so. In fact, for most of us flight attendants who once flew but now quit, facing some special scenes, such as seeing fellow passengers waiting for the bus by the roadside, such as the pictures in the TV series, such as meeting former colleagues in the mall, the heart will always rise with endless yearning.What do we miss?Is it an alarm clock for 5 a.m.?Did you land just after 2:00 in the morning?Do you have a meeting at the office during the break?Is it being criticized by the leader?Is it dealing with difficult passengers?An eight-hour delay in thunderstorm season?Is it missing when you go out alone on holidays?No, I know it’s not.What we miss is the excitement before each schedule;It is the pleasure of successfully completing a flight with team members.It is to share the joys and sorrows with passengers in the face of large delays;It’s the joy of unlocking a new city and exploring it as a team in search of food and beauty.I have fantasized more than once about how wonderful it would be if I still flew in an airline, but didn’t have to fly so hard, and had a chance to experience it once a month.The girl sitting opposite me sneers: elder brother, you this is in a dream.I wonder, too, where the flight attendants are now, what they are doing, are they happier?Are you in better health?