The nucleic acid test in this hospital in Shenyang was delayed until 8 PM!If necessary, the public can be nearby detection

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In order to meet the demand for novel Coronavirus nucleic acid testing of ordinary people, Shenyang Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine announced on 15th February that the nucleic acid sampling site of the hospital will be open for a delayed period from tomorrow. The details are as follows: 1.Working hours of nucleic acid sampling site: 08:00 a.m. to 20:00 p.m. from Monday to Sunday.Nucleic acid collection location: Parking lot east of Acupuncture and Rehabilitation Building of Shenyang Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine (entrance is located on Longquan Road outside the hospital)Appointment and registration: you can pay attention to the wechat official account of Shenyang Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine in advance and choose nucleic acid test for registration and payment. Meanwhile, you can improve the information related to online streaming and bring your ID card for on-site confirmation on the test day.4. Location of nucleic acid report and collection: The nucleic acid test results will be returned the next day, and the results can be queried through the official website of Shenyang Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine (non-electronic report form). You need to get the paper version of the report form from the nucleic acid sampling site, and the electronic report form of Liaoshitong shall be subject to the update time of Liaoshitong.Please wear a medical mask correctly, keep at least 1 meter away from each other, prepare the travel code and health code as prompted, and fill in the flow adjustment information.Citizens with body temperature ≥37.3℃ or symptoms of COVID-19 such as respiratory tract or from high-risk areas in China within 14 days should go directly to the fever clinic.Source: Beiguo liaoning Daily Editor: Cui Taoran