To cultivate the “Heart Theory” of Communists in the New Era

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General Secretary Xi Jinping has pointed out that Party spirit education is a compulsory course for Communists to cultivate their moral integrity, as well as the “heart of the Party”.However, the party spirit cultivation will not increase naturally with the growth of party age, the promotion of the position, for the majority of party members, cadres, only constantly strengthen self-cultivation, self-restraint, self-transformation, always achieve mastery of learning and thinking, knowledge, faith and line of unity, in order to truly cultivate the new era of communists “heart”.We will forge political resolve to “never relax” and cultivate loyalty.The world to virtue, the greatest loyalty.Loyalty to the Party is the primary political quality of communists.Review of one hundred years of party history, from the face of the guilarine unyielding, Shouting “fear of death not when the Communist Party” Liu Hulan, heartbroken Ming zhi, oath for the Soviet new China shed the last drop of blood Chen Shuxiang, and then ran out of ammunition after the belly is full of grass roots but would rather die than surrender Yang Jingyu…Revolutionary heroes with blood and life to our interpretation of the Communist party loyalty to the profound connotation.In revolutionary times, it is necessary to test whether party members and cadres are loyal to the Party by charging into battle and sacrificing their lives for the cause of the Party and the people.For example, will we uphold the Leadership of the CPC, resolutely uphold the authority and centralized, unified leadership of the CPC Central Committee, and consciously maintain a high degree of ideological, political, and action solidarity with the CPC Central Committee?The party’s loyalty is directly tested by its ability to resolutely implement its theory, line, principles and policies, and to fully implement the decisions and plans of the CPC Central Committee.This requires party members and officials to constantly improve their political judgment, political understanding, and political execution, firmly uphold the “two principles” and “two principles”, and unswervingly listen to, feel the party’s favor, and follow the Party.Cultivate the profound feelings of “pursuing national interests in life and death”, and cultivate the original aspiration of “serving the country and the people”.The people are the foundation of the country, and the foundation of the country is secure.General Secretary Xi Jinping has pointed out that the country is the people, and the people are the country.Serving the country and the people is not abstract but concrete, not conditional but unconditional. In the great socialist motherland, serving the country and the people are highly unified. For Communists, serving the country and the people is the source of moral integrity and the foundation of personal integrity.”The father of Chinese hepatobiliary surgery” Wu Mengchao, the operating table as a platform to serve the country, the pot to save the world, heal the wounded as their greatest happiness, become patients in the mind of the “rescue god”;”The father of hybrid rice” Yuan Longping, to the motherland and the needs of the people as their own responsibility, so that the Rice bowl of the Chinese firmly in their hands, really write the paper on the land of the motherland.Our great motherland has gone through countless hardships and tribulations along the way, but no difficulty has crushed us, no enemy has been able to defeat us, the secret is that loyalty has never been a country.In the new era of party members and officials in pursuit of the spiritual realm of serving the country and the people, we must turn our patriotic enthusiasm into practical action to serve the people, to keep the people in mind, work for the people, always want to work together with the people, stand together through thick and thin, and share the joys and sorrows.Adhere to the way of life “worthy of heaven and earth”, cultivate good “magnanimous selfless” public heart.We should pursue a just cause for common good.On the style problem, the decisive role is the party spirit, the fundamental yardstick to measure the strength of the Party spirit is public and private two words.As the old saying goes, “A heart can lose a nation, a heart can prosper a nation, only between the public and private.”Separating the public from the private has always been an iron law of governance.Why did history and the people choose the CPC?It is because, during their century-old journey, countless Communists have worked tirelessly in public affairs to seek neither the special interests of a single party nor the private interests of individual party members and cadres. Instead, they have worked wholeheartedly for the common interests of the people. Only in this way can they win the support and support of the people.Test in the new historical condition, the “big four” “four dangerous” long-term, complexity and difficulty in front, objectively to the broad masses of party members, cadres adhere to quickens, ruling for the people, always put the party and the people in the highest position in the heart, self-restraint “meter, when the world,” the mind, the right view and handle public and private, righteousness and benefit, suffering and happiness, the relationship between profit and loss,We must at all times keep our minds firmly in check, control our conduct, and guard our innocence. We must truly abjure ourselves, be selfless, put the public before the private, and forget the private, so as to protect the spiritual high ground of Communists.Strengthen the responsibility of “not breaking loulan will not return”, and cultivate the perseverance of “unremitting struggle”.The road is long, only struggle.S revolutionary war “is not afraid of red army expedition difficult, the long march only afford” the great ambition, the socialist construction period “would rather live 20 years less, also hard to win big oilfield” perseverance, the pioneers of reform and opening up period “fight our way out to” yong yi, the energetic or new age “common prosperity road cannot be left behind” clank of the oath,Both embody the lofty character of the Chinese Communists in hard struggle and indomitability.At present, the CPC and the people have embarked on a new journey to fully build a modern socialist country and advance toward the second Centenary Goal. Facing profound changes unseen in a century and the interlocking impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, the external environment has become more complex and challenging, and the tasks of reform, development and stability at home have become more arduous.On the road ahead, risks and challenges, both predictable and unpredictable, are on the rise.Only when Party members and officials take up the baton of the arduous struggle of the older generation, remain committed to the difficulties and make unremitting efforts without fear of bloodshed and sacrifice, can they live up to the expectations and great trust of the Party and the people, and deliver achievements worthy of the Party, the people, and The Times.