XYG zero seal TTG, clear interview TTG fans see meng, frankly TTG training game played well

2022-05-12 0 By

In the first round of KPL spring competition between XYG and TTG, this small point is crucial for both teams. First, XYG has two points if it defeats TTG, and the winning relationship is also very advantageous. However, if it loses to TTG, the teams behind will be difficult to fight.But in this game,XYG still beat the self, last year,XYG lost to TTG because of two dragons, missed the KPL finals, also let many fans feel sorry, after all, the two rounds of dragons are the most critical, but Zhang Daxian is also in the live said New Year new atmosphere, don’t mention the previous things,It seems that he really loves September, and September has gradually become XYG’s stable Carry point.In September, this time against the TTG is playing very well, whether the former tactical deployment, or understanding of the many wild hero, including 暃 also used the new heroes, that effect is very good, proved in this version is still one of the top dozen wild, at least in group S current wild matchup didn’t lose any other dozen wild,Including the matchup with jinyu, September also occupied the top points.This season, Zhang Daxian also saw the change of XYG, previous XYG is in the mind of the players BO1 type team, playing a game of can also, but after came to KPL, can obviously feel the growth of XYG not just confined to the players to play, and tactical reserves, from the very beginning just big Joe system to play good, to dare to try all kinds of system,That’s progress.Against TTG, TTG dozen or some problems, especially in the former was XYG through to the wild area, or the personnel transfer was stupid, don’t know how to operate, and finally hit the big late by pulling back and forth, play group did not play a good once, directly by a wave, TTG really should pay attention to the former operation now,It’s a little messy.In the post-game interview, TTG Qing Qing also said that TTG played well in the training game, but did not know why the shutout.In fact, the training competition is just like what Wolf Team Fly said, and XYG always loses to XYG in the training competition.So in addition to playing well in the training match, TT really should adjust some tactics and BP arrangement now, otherwise it is really difficult to play, this break XYG three way did not win the match, but also was 3-0, it should be a good match.Personal opinion:XYG progress or seen, it is really from K armor, group B climb step by step, finally get the last four fall season, the spring state still on fire, xihe back, and for each point of XYG help was more obvious, especially on some melee in the medium term, and wild with side dozen team played well, also congratulations XYG TTG.