Alchemist Baron was nerved by the designer before it was released, and the new Loot will be released on 17th

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Yoko brother, pigeon Yang, hello, I am yoko brother of one pigeon a day!Brother Yoko will bring you a lot of interesting news of the game from time to time, I hope the friends who like Brother Yoko can give brother Yoko a big attention!If brother Yoko has done a good job in the article, please actively point out (brother Yoko will be carefully taught).So without further ado let’s get into today’s game fun!The alchemist baron is overpowered and his damage is cut in half!The alchemist Baron has been released on both the US server and the Experience server. After testing, the designers also found that the alchemist Baron hero can bring too many changes, depending on the damage bonus of the hero’s passivity. The previous data was 2-11% of the maximum hit points.This causes the alchemist baron to deal too much damage and is now directly reduced to 1-5% of Max health.And now the name of the hero has been decided his name and his accompanying skin is the Admiral.Alchemy Baron W’s cooldown has been increased, so think about when you release it!Next came a change to one of the most critical protection abilities of the Alchemist baron, which can extend the battle duration by 3 seconds or even resurrect a teammate if cast at a critical time.Because this skill is so powerful, the hero’s W skill cooldown has been increased by 2 seconds at times.Otherwise, the hero’s Allies may be imperishable after having some haste in the late game!Imagine if the hero could appear in infinite Melee and have some CD sets after the W Max, it would be possible to keep his teammates alive!17 brand new to get online, more dazzling skin for you to get!This update will not only have a new hero online, the much-anticipated to zhen Xia will also appear, with the opening of the god phoenix walker a set of skin avatar, and with them there are border avatar!However, the avatar can only be exchanged for 300 tokens, and you can also get a dazzling color. If you don’t like the border avatar, you can also buy the no border avatar for 20 yuan!There will also be four different blade-blade skins available on The 17th, and there will be plenty of colorful skins for you to get!So that’s the end of this game anecdote, so what do you think about this game anecdote?Without further ado, please share your thoughts in the comments section below.