Blow the New Year big grasp investment, vigorously grasp the development of the trumpets!Jiading district held an investment promotion conference

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Jiading the investment promotion and capital introduction as to promote the year priority, the first working day after the Spring Festival (Feb. 7) in the afternoon, was held in the “to promote steady business” after assembly, and on the investment promotion conference, blowing a New Year big investment, vigorously promotes the development of signal and jiading district party committee secretary lu the ark to attend the meeting.Lu Fangzhou pointed out that the past year is the “first year” of the new round of investment promotion reform in Jiading District. The investment promotion work has achieved obvious results, the “big pattern” of investment promotion has basically formed, the investment promotion atmosphere has become increasingly strong, and the investment promotion effect has been strongly demonstrated.To achieve the goal of maintaining steady growth and promoting development, we are required to press the “fast-forward button” to attract investment.In response to the fierce competition for development and investment promotion, we are forced to press the “fast forward button” to attract investment;To comply with the new trend, new requirements, we need to press the “fast forward button” to attract investment.In the face of new requirements and challenges, we should always keep investment attraction in mind, grasp it in hand and resist it on our shoulders, and press the “fast forward button” of investment attraction with stronger determination and perseverance.Lu Ark request, want to with more solid move and action hit good attract investment “combination fist”.In the completion of the target to do the whole field, the whole process, the whole link of the force, spare no effort to expand the effect of investment;In the way of work to strengthen the reform of energy, technology and brand empowerment, optimize the investment system and mechanism, make good use of investment promotion information platform, increase publicity, establish a good image of jiading investment;To ensure business stability, we will improve policy services, enterprise services, and personnel services, further define targets, tasks, and measures, and ensure their implementation.Lu Ark stressed, to better support and guarantee to promote investment “red year round”.Strengthen the idea of “a chess game”, improve and optimize the counterpart mechanism, and continue to closely contact with the enterprise.Strengthen professional strength, on the one hand to strengthen their own learning, on the other hand through increasing the introduction of “foreign aid” and other ways, so that investment more professional ability.Discipline inspection departments should further promulgate relevant norms and implementation opinions on the basis of comprehensive and strict, and organizational departments should pay attention to the observation and selection of cadres in the work of investment attraction, so as to further create a good investment attraction environment.District party Committee deputy secretary, district chief Gao Xiang presided over the meeting.Lian Zhenghua, director of the Standing Committee of the District People’s Congress, Yang Li, chairman of the CPPCC, Zhou Wenjie, Deputy Secretary of the District Party Committee, Feng Jie, member of the Standing Committee of the District Party Committee and Secretary of the District Commission for Discipline Inspection, and Yao Weihua, member of the Standing Committee of the District Party Committee and Head of the Organization Department attended the meeting.Li Feng, deputy head of the district, made work arrangements from three aspects of economic indicators, key work and service guarantee, centering on the new situation, new driving force and new requirements.At the meeting, nanxiang Town, Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, State-owned Assets Group, North Hongqiao Economic City and Hydrogen Port Industrial Park made exchange speeches from the perspectives of expanding new driving force, dual-recruitment linkage, fund empowerment, industrial upgrading and characteristic cultivation.