New Year walk grassroots | 90 post “fruit king” happy struggle to remember

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Editor’s note: The Spring Festival is full of flavor.Look at the city’s major factory workshops, machines roar, sparks splash;Dream on the road, walking firm, struggling to run.From January 27, 2022, Wangcheng Financial media will open the “Spring Festival to the grassroots | 2022, Wangcheng Starts again!”Column, editors and reporters go deep into the grassroots line, go deep into the people’s production and life, capture the warm moment with the camera, feel the strong pulse of the development of The Times, insight into the strength behind the good life.Stay tuned!”The fruit park has been built, and the yield per mu can reach about 3000 jin!Visitors are welcome to enjoy the flowers from March to April and pick them from June to December.”Shu Yueli, the director of Shuji Ecological orchard in Zhongshan Village, Tongguan Street, sat in the warehouse, skillfully picking and packing bright blood oranges with a look of flying joy.In the twelfth lunar month, shu Ji Orchard trees have been bearing fruit, dozens of flat warehouses are stacked with baskets of fresh fruit filled, become a cool and dark storage environment of fresh color.The orange of yellow orange, the golden tribute pomelo…Set on the packaging bag, shipped to thousands of families New Year fruit bowl.Overlooking the orchard, rows of greenhouses are “resting” for next year’s spring planting, and fruit trees line the once bare hillsides.One winter, and so on spring, will be fruit overflowing, flowers full hillside scene.Shu’s father started to develop fruit farming in huaihua, his hometown. Shu inherited his father’s business and accumulated more than 30 years of experience.”Wangcheng has convenient transportation, a wider market, a good business environment and complete supporting facilities.”Talk about why choose to start a business in wangcheng, Shu Yueli said.But when he arrived in 2016, he too went through a rough downturn.He did not understand the market demand and natural geographical conditions of Wangcheng, which led to a lot of investment and little profit in the early stage of entrepreneurship. Shu Lived in a small rented house, looking at his fruit trees and lost in thought.Later, with the full support of his family, Shu made up his mind to sum up his experience, study the soil and solve the problem from the root.”Wangcheng terrain mountainous hills, barren hills, poor soil permeability, easy to harden…”You see a problem, you fix it.Employ teaching experts, study technology, strive to improve the soil, apply organic fertilizer, form a good soil ecological chain, the introduction of more suitable for wangcheng market, higher economic efficiency of the new variety, for the development of the industry to provide solid nourishment, finally in the third year of the beginning of the business results.At present, shu Yueli “single-handedly raised” shu Ji orchard development momentum is good, concentrated planting or picking season can employ more than 30 villagers continuous work for more than two months, continue to drive the village collective economic development.”Now not only can we work at home, but the environment is so good that our life is really getting better…”Uncle Li, a villager in Zhongshan village, was beaming at the changes at home.Shu Record the entry of the orchard, “lit up” the development of the village.Blueberries a few short years, hill, the wind farm farmers gathered in the enterprises, the agricultural industry gets great development at the same time, the village CunFeng subsequently change, that the “backward village” orchard “FuZhai Village” building up to the characteristics of beautiful livable village, named beautiful countryside of hunan province demonstration village, flat asphalt, industrious and simple morals, beautiful scenery,Let a person as if in a small bridge running water family poem scene.”When everyone has something to do, the couple lives a happier life and the neighborhood is harmonious!Agriculture contributes to rural revitalization, which also gives us good conditions for rural and agricultural development.”Referring to the changes in Zhongshan Village and Shu Ji orchard in recent years, Shu Yue-li’s face is overflowing with joy.”Counting the 2022 Lunar New Year, this will be my fourth year in Wangcheng.”As shu Ji orchard in wangcheng ground roots to leafy, Shu Yueli’s family from their hometown Huaihua moved to Wangcheng.From renting a small house at the beginning to living in a spacious bungalow with his family happily, Shu creates his own happy life with his industrious hands and firm belief. He says that all his success is inseparable from the support of his family.Shu Yueli’s fragrant bacon in the backyard, glutinous rice cake made by hand, and her daughter’s expectant smiling face all add a strong festive atmosphere to the air.Home is where there is family, and years spent with family are the flavor of the year.”Next year, WE plan to further promote modern planting, transform storage and logistics, build exhibition halls in the fruit park, expand the scale, and deepen cooperation with e-commerce, and expand sales channels.Break the single seasonal planting pattern, strive for local powerful products to fill the market gap, and develop a complete industrial chain.”Shu yueli’s outlook for the coming year is not only his New Year’s wish, but also the common wish of many agricultural operators.Reporter | Peng Shan ni Zou Chenhu Peng Hui ping (internship) to edit | Peng Shan ni