The Xihuayuan District Procuratorate comprehensively implemented the “No. 1 Procuratorial Suggestion” and concentrated on special activities of faculty and staff recruitment inquiry

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Back-to-school, march to escort the healthy growth of minors, fully implement the “minor protection law of the People’s Republic of China” and the procuratorate jointly issued by the Ministry of Public Security, the Ministry of Education “about building staff access to the views of the sexual assault crime information system of the law”, solid do a good job staff illegal crime information query,The Xihuayuan District Procuratorate, the District Education and Sports Bureau, and the Xihuayuan Branch of the Municipal Public Security Bureau jointly carried out inquiries on illegal and criminal information of local teachers and staff, and jointly promoted the in-depth implementation of the “No.1 Procuratorial Proposal”.The Juvenile Procuratorial Office of the People’s Procuratorate of Xihuayuan District continued in-depth discussions and exchanges with the district education administrative department to clarify the importance and relevant requirements of comprehensively implementing the information inquiry system for teachers and staff.Schools, kindergartens and other teaching units shall not establish labor or personnel relations with those who are found to have criminal records that are not suitable for recruitment.The administrative department of education shall order the employing units that fail to inquire about the information of teachers and staff involved in crimes, or inquire about the relevant criminal records and still employ them, to make corrections, and investigate the responsibilities of the units and relevant staff.Minors protection work always on the road, garden district people’s procuratorate will take the legal system into a series of activities on campus, in combination with the relevant departments to carry out the specific inspection, to eliminate all may infringes upon the lawful rights and interests of minors, and infringes upon the lawful rights and interests of minors act firmly “zero tolerance”, comprehensive build a solid wall of protection of minors’ healthy growth.