Anxiang Chuangwei Vocational and technical School in 2022 to recruit students, students, transfer students

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Anxiang Chuangwei Vocational And Technical School will recruit former students, transfer students, transfer students in 2022 School nature: Private school type: ordinary secondary vocational school Enrollment code: 072102 Sponsor: Li Bo Founded time: 2005-01-18 Number of students: 214 school comprehensive evaluation: School address:Anxiang deep liu town upon baling east road yucai lane 6 five-year college transfer from technical secondary school, hunan admissions consulting the 151-1613-3713 (the same as in micro letter | | |) basic conditions:The school covers an area of land; the building area of the school buildings; the value of teaching instruments and equipment; the number of computers; 27.9 mu; 6,850 square meters; 1.3 million yuan; 280 teaching and administrative staff; The number of full-time teachers; the number of professional teachers; the number of “double-qualified” teachers; the number of bachelor’s degrees and above; the number of teachers with master’s degrees; the number of teachers; 35; 27; 16The data of the school’s floor area, building area and number of full-time teachers come from the municipal education (Sports) Bureau. Main honors and Features: Our school is a full-time vocational high school under the supervision of Anxiang County Education Bureau.School always according to the family | to vigorously develop vocational education policy, all for the sake of student’s lifelong growth, strive to achieve the entrance employment.For five consecutive years, the college entrance examination results have been good. In 2015, three students of the computer college entrance examination were ranked among the top three in the county and admitted to key universities. For many years, they have been rated as advanced units in municipal and county education work.The school has always adhered to the educational philosophy of education and technology, vigorously carried out the “new three good” theme education and the “eight one” project activities, firmly established the school-running idea of “entering college and employment”, implemented the deep integration of school-enterprise cooperation, order training, and implemented the dual system of training mode.Hang | by combination education in university, meet the needs of different levels of students and their parents, promote the school education teaching quality and running level.The school plans to recruit 100 students in 2021.2021 local (Changde city) sub-professional enrollment plan No. Enrollment Professional academic system enrollment object Talent training program Core course charging standard (YUAN/year) Planned enrollment Number Remarks 1 Computer application 3 years of junior high school 7800 yuan 70 people 2 Logistics service and management 3 years other personnel: 8500YUAN 30total 100Students 1. All the freshmen who are admitted to our school can come to our school to register and go through the admission procedures after receiving the notice.2. New students should bring the original id card or account book with them when they enter the school, so that they can go through the electronic registration procedures in time.3. When entering the school, please bring your study, accommodation and daily necessities, as well as your living expenses.4. Other matters concerning the admission of new students will be notified separately.School address: anxiang deep liu town upon baling east road yucai lane 6th five-year junior college and technical secondary school, hunan spring transfer admissions consulting the 151-1613-2939 (the same as in micro letter | | |)