He died, and much of the show business shook up

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Brush drama taopian see variety, in-depth analysis god ridicule, tens of millions of fans are here show business and really good people?There is.Actor Fu Biao.Don’t know?It doesn’t matter.Let’s start with an old story.In 1999, the TV series Waiting for your Return was filmed in Nanjing.The same group of Fu Biao often go to find Wang Jinsong chat, familiar.Fu was already famous, but Wang was still a nobody.Left: Fu Biao right: Wang Jinsong, “Waiting for your return” stills a time.Fu Biao serious way: “Jin Song, you are a good actor, but if stay here may be buried, you should go to Beijing.”Wang Jinsong a listen, pretty rejection, in Nanjing, their own play, enough money to spend, went to Beijing, life is not familiar, also have to run the cast, that much no face.He thought so, and said so.Fu Biao listened to, asked a sentence: “Do you think you are now very face?”This is like a slap in the face of Wang Jinsong, two people did not speak, silence for a long time, Fu Biao soft tone: “You spend the Spring Festival at home for a few days, and then come to Beijing to find me.”The king took him as polite and forgot about the Spring Festival.The sixth day of the lunar New Year.Wang Jinsong received a phone call, is Fu Biao, asked him to buy a ticket.Wang Jinsong then bought a plane ticket to Beijing.Fu Biao personally came to pick him up, and asked him how his luggage so much, he returned: “I will come to see you.”Fu Biao very angry: “you come here is to take a play, what call see me!”After that, Fu Biao every day to drive him to the cast, see the director said: “this is my good brother, good actor, the price is not high, as long as you use him, I give you free play, you say to a few days, I don’t a penny.”In Wang Jinsong’s words, he was fu Biao one foot “kick” to Beijing.Because of Fu Biao, he put down that little sense of shame and face.Fu Biao’s kindness, Wang Jinsong often mentioned, like afraid of forgetting.Sometimes choked up, even tears.Fu Biao died, had told Wang Jinsong: “Jinsong, you put old play good, you will have food to eat.”He listened, “Ming Dynasty 1566” Of Yang Jinshui, “great strategist Sima Yi’s alliance of military strategists” Xun Yu, “icebreaking action” Lin Yaodong……They’re old classics.Just.Si ren has gone to 16 years, who will read fu Biao?I want to talk about him.>>>> opera fan Fu Biao’s road to performing arts has not been smooth.In 1983, at the age of 20, Fu Biao joined a railway art troupe.All he wanted to do was act, but he was transferred to a crosstalk troupe.Don’t lose heart.As soon as I was free, I would go to the theater and stare at the stage without blinking a word. Then I would approach the director and ask if I could go on the stage.In the seventh year of joining the league, I got the chance to play guard A in Red Rock.No name, a line, Fu Biao to design their own modeling, mouth diao a cigarette, also have to say the lines clearly.Walk-on was bullied, was humiliated.It was a hot day and I was sleeping soundly at night. My mouth was stuffed with smelly socks.Bad times.I vouched for a friend, and he ran away with the money.Debt to find, fully owed 300,000, Fu Biao should be: “I think this thing is I was wrong, must be faced by me, also a lifetime I also recognize.”He went to work as an AD agency employee and drank until he vomited.It took six years to pay back the money.”I hate you,” he once told his wife. “I’m an acting student. I want to act.”In 1992, “Newsroom Stories” began airing.Fu Biao guest in the inside, pink shirt with a black suit jacket, western style.Mouth poor up, eyebrows pick, small eyes a stare, a lively strength.Fu Biao and Feng Xiaogang cooperation is 6 years later “Party A And Party B”.He was asked by his friends to do some theatrical work.Ordering dinner for the crew, moving a basket of steamed buns from upstairs to downstairs.Film zhang Fugui actor did not set, let Fu Biao top, is also a suffering live, get the needle, the head was trampled on.His own son cried out in anger when he saw his father suffer this at the cinema.After this, Fu Biao became a big sign of Feng’s comedy.Like endless.Fu Biao play a financial such as life boss, girlfriend is Wu Qianlian, the driver is Ge You, little brother is He Bing, Zhang Hanyu, Wang Zhonglei.If I may say so, he’s the best.Selfish, glib, impulsive, all negative qualities dissolved easily into him.Rape with folly, puma with malicious, causing laughter, so that the audience hate not up, but more partial.Han Sanping, director of The Beijing Film Studio, was there when the film premiered.Read, he asked Fu Biao where, Fu Biao hurriedly walked from the back row, he patted Fu Biao shoulder way: “you boy, this backfire!”Hey, great minds think alike.Or big Shot.This is so classic, words are useless, just watch the original.Later Fu Biao played a rich man in A World Without Thieves.Hair top sparse, because lascivious, by Liu Ruoying fierce slap in the face.It’s hard to find actors like that these days.Not narcissistic, caring less, can sacrifice, treat themselves as mud, as the director knead, by the story beat.Hong Kong has Wu Mengda, the mainland has Fu Biao, took over this baton is Fan Wei.Rare, rare.You know, it was a really good performance.More of it feels like a duck on the shelf, less of it feels short weight.In The Mainland, such actors are called Luye, and in Hong Kong, Licorice.Zhang Yimou can see the other side of licorice.Let Fu Biao in “shake shake, shake to the bridge” to gang boss Li Baotian do younger brother.I agree with the evaluation given by the Sai people: he is the externalization of Li Baotian’s inner world. He uses highly controlled performances to show that uncontrollable evil is slowly extending.Fu Biao came to fame late.In 2001, won the Golden Rooster award for best actor, he stood on the podium speech: “this year I have experienced four major events: China’s Olympic success, football qualifying, WTO entry, waiting for the actor Fu Biao hold the golden rooster!”He was 38 years old.Famous also did not go with the wind, the role size does not pick, cameo shoulder beam he can.On: “the northeast family” next: “blood color romance” Fu Biao said he had played the role, his most like is “Daming Palace words” in the Wuyouheir.Inferiority complex, stupid.But you have your own principles, your own care, your own sincerity, even if you die for them.Youqi “Daming Palace words” entertainment circle rare really good man, can let a person mention just read good, I only know two: one is Zhang Guorong, one is Fu Biao.>>>> Heart good Fubiao once said with Wang Jinsong: “If we become famous, absolutely not to bully others.”Hou Yong was nobody and Fu Biao shot together.The cast sent a car, Fu Biao listen to Hou Yong things especially anxious, let the car to send him, then back to send yourself, finally delay their own things.Hou Yong 1998, shooting “Where Dreams Begin”.This is Zhang Hanyu’s first play, it was Fu Biao recommended to the director: “If Zhang Hanyu is not good, no one can play.”Later, the two worked together again.In more than an hour’s interview, Fu Biao spent most of his time praising other actors and commenting on Zhang Hanyu, “WHEN I was paired with him, I would forget my words!He has the most comfortable voice I’ve ever heard.”There’s also Yong Mei in “Where Dreams Begin.”There is a scene, is yong Mei head knock ground, head knock bleeding, get the effect, can not really knock.In order to the same good radio, Fu Biao took off his shoes, stomped on the ground with his heel, it was winter, patted, the results to hurt the Achilles tendon.After that, She kept calling him “brother”.The place where dreams begin sun Guitian became attached to Fu Biao because of the play.Play two people play mother and son, outside the play Fu Biao called Sun Guitian a godmother, every festival will go to visit, each time left three or five thousand dollars.Sun Guitian ding Zhicheng’s father died, he was out of town filming.Is FuBiao busy, funeral, read, he took his brother’s father when his father to look at.”He tried harder than I did.”Summer shooting, Fu Biao feel his high pay, should do something for the crew, so pay for everyone to buy cold drinks, a buy is a summer.Winter days, in order not to mess up the indoor scenery, actors were rushed to eat outdoors, Fu Biao such a big actor was arranged in the house, but he went to the outdoor with everyone together, said lively.There are too many of these things.Shandong reporters went to hengdian to interview him, in the studio around four or five hours to find people, late, Fu Biao asked people to eat lunch first, the reporter said no, he let the staff to end a bowl of egg noodles, let people eat first.Fu Biao once told a reporter from Nanjing Daily: “It’s not easy to be a reporter. If you want to interview anyone who needs my help, feel free to call me!”The reporter did not believe it at first, but then asked him to do something, and he said nothing.People in the media know a public figure’s private character best.In 2004, Fu Biao was diagnosed with liver cancer.20 national media joint initiative, do not disturb Fu Biao, let him quiet recuperation.Sow good cause, reap good fruit.>>>> Fu Biao underwent a liver transplant after liver cancer was detected.Surgical incision is large, cut from the chest to the ribs.He grew fat, the incision fat leakage, afraid of infection, the doctor had to suture a part of the wound, let itself heal.The pain was severe, he also did not forget to tease his wife: “this blade, like a Mercedes Benz logo?”When he was better, he hung the bile bag on a small hook and roamed the corridors.Meet with haven’t had an operation, vigorously shake hands to walk a few steps to show someone else, and say some reassuring words: “you see, how, MY operation just half a month to recover like this.”A reporter telephone interview Fu Biao, he said will continue to film, as long as the people need, has been shooting.Sina netizens voted him the “moving Artist of the Year 2004”.He made a point of attending while ill.Standing on stage, he said: “Not long ago, there was an ordinary actor who was being treated in hospital. Suddenly one day his lover told him that he had received thousands of blessings on Sina.com.”At this point, he was already in tears, and the audience applauded and cheered him on.”I didn’t really do anything,” he said. “I just did my job as an actor.”After turning around, his condition worsened.Before the second operation, Fu Biao still insisted on participating in the last play of the publicity, because promised things can not break up, more can not live up to his audience.Feng Xiaogang and Ding Zhicheng went to see him.Doctors gave him six months, tops.Fu Biao see a few people mournful face, put a leg on another leg show: “IN the past I fat ah, put the leg up laborious ah, now I do this action nimble.”A well-built man, tortured to the bone.He kept doing this action, but also said with a smile: “I go first, I give the elder brothers to set the ground, said that there is someone there.”On August 30, 2005, Fu Biao died at the age of 42.When his wife changed for Fu Biao, she found him laughing.The muscles of his cheeks were drawn up, his lips were drawn tight, the corners of his mouth turned up.It was as if he had just performed a practical joke, as if he had told a joke.Three parts shy, seven parts proud.Surrounded by friends and family, no one was crying.I’m sure he didn’t want us to be sad.Figure source: Network Fu Biao some small things, often let me feel that this is the taste of the world.For example, when he was chasing his wife Zhang Qiufang, he reduced a pack of cigarettes worth 2 yuan to a pack of cigarettes worth 60 yuan, and bought snacks for his wife with the rest.Not married yet, ran to his wife’s door, was found by his father-in-law in the future on the home, said your home no boy, if you have any strength work, please call me.Later, he got married and had a son. In the evening, his son shot baskets under a broken basketball rack halfway up the hill. He drove there and parked his car where the headlights could shine on the basket rack, smoking and waiting.Vivid, solemn and affectionate to the world.Fu Biao married with Zhang Qiufang thought of such actors live in the same era, some satisfaction.It’s just a pity the time is too short.Fu Biao’s funeral held in Babaoshan, more than half of the entertainment industry came to see off.Feng Xiaogang, Zhang Yimou, Ge You, Wang Jinsong, Lu Liping, Sun Haiying, Yuan Hua, Li Mingqi……Thousands of people said goodbye spontaneously.Someone held a sign, white paper with paper flowers stuck to the side and four large characters written in brush: “Biao Brother go well.”Liu wrote a eulogy for him, ending with: “Fu Biao, our friend, go into heaven with your usual smile.”Years later, Sun Guitian told fu Biao in a dream: two people came out of the alley together, he opened the door to go in, looked back but no one.Waking up.Four o ‘clock in the morning, she hurriedly opened the doors, the aunt asked how, she said let biao son come in.