Papa dies of pancreatic cancerFrom diagnosis to death, less than six months

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Bago, a Taiwanese actor, died of pancreatic cancer on February 17, 2022.Speaking of this name we may be some strange, he is both the host is also an actor, has hosted with LAN Xinmei “Egg touch stone”, participated in “the distance between us and evil”, “Extreme Class” and other TV works, because in “the temptation to go home” in the role of Lin Pinru’s father and popular in the mainland.Bago was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in September 2021, and it took him less than six months to die.Pancreatic cancer in the field of cancer known as the “king of cancer” title.According to the Lancet, pancreatic cancer has a five-year survival rate of about 10% after diagnosis, making it one of the worst malignancies.Due to its hidden and atypical clinical symptoms, diagnosis and treatment are very difficult, so the early diagnosis rate is not high, and the surgical mortality is high, the cure rate is very low, many patients are diagnosed as advanced, the survival period is only a few months.At that time, the western doctor said that she might not live for three months, but the patient was not discouraged and had a strong will to survive. “Some people suggested that I take Traditional Chinese medicine, and some people said that traditional Chinese medicine did not work, but I really want to try, because people always have to fight for their own life!”When he saw a doctor, the patient’s carcinoembryonic antigen index had exceeded the standard, and he was in a feverish state all the time. His face was yellow, hungry and thin, and he looked listless, as if a breeze could blow him down.After being treated and prescribed by Professor Li Zhong, the patient’s condition gradually stabilized. After taking the medicine for more than a month, when she went to the physical examination again, the patient’s CARCINOembryonic antigen index had returned to normal, which gave her great confidence!Under the support of Traditional Chinese medicine, the patients who were thin as firewood and weak without wind gained more than ten kilograms, and restored their confidence in life at the same time, and their life was colorful.There was also an elderly patient with advanced pancreatic cancer, whose condition was very serious when diagnosed and could not be operated, who came to Professor Li Zhong for Traditional Chinese medicine on the recommendation of his family and friends.After the patient passed away, her family sent a special message saying, “I am very grateful. Fortunately, by taking Professor Li’s traditional Chinese medicine, my mother maintained her health for five or six years. She did not look like a patient and did not suffer too much when she left.Thank you!”In clinical practice, the commonly used treatment for pancreatic cancer is surgical treatment, but due to the special location of the pancreas, many patients have lost the opportunity of surgery when they see a doctor, and can only use radiotherapy, chemotherapy, targeted therapy, traditional Chinese medicine and other comprehensive treatment for pancreatic cancer.Professor Li Zhong said that from the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, patients with serious conditions, physical condition is not too good, it is best not to use lethal means of radiotherapy and chemotherapy, so as not to make things worse.It can regulate the functions of Yin and Yang, qi and blood and zang-fu organs through traditional Chinese medicine treatment, supplement deficiency and purge solid, reduce adverse reactions and other uncomfortable symptoms, restore patients’ healthy qi, so as to change the patient’s “cancer state”, improve the quality of life of patients, prolong the life cycle.No matter what kind of cancer, for patients in the middle and late stages of inoperable cancer, it is most important to control the development of the disease and reduce the probability of recurrence and metastasis, and the patient’s long life cycle and high quality of life are the primary goals at this time.↓ Hospital: “Do not leave the hospital during hospitalization!”Patient: “No!I’m going to see Professor Li Zhong!”The new patient asks: professor Li Zhong how do you see?Old patient answer: don’t take his medicine I can’t live