What is the difference between American corn and Ukrainian corn, and why are Chinese buyers suddenly shunning American corn

2022-05-14 0 By

Why have Chinese buyers suddenly stopped buying American corn?Some say it’s because Ukrainian corn is cheaper, but the price isn’t the main reason.In recent days, private US exporters reported China cancelling orders for 380,000 tonnes of us aged corn.Turned his attention to Ukrainian corn.The reason why Ukrainian corn beats American corn by a head is not because of price.Because, from the start, Chinese buyers didn’t choose Ukrainian corn because of price advantages.As we all know, our country started to import corn in 2009. At that time, the biggest target countries were American corn and Brazilian corn.It was only after 2015 that Ukrainian corn made its mark.At the time, U.S. suppliers began asking buyers to bear the potential risks of importing genetically modified corn, which pushed Chinese buyers toward Ukrainian corn.This time, China is again cancelling us corn orders because the potential risk of US corn is too high.In 2021, an escalating supply chain crisis in the United States will result in the inability or delay of shipments of large quantities of U.S. agricultural products, greatly increasing the risk to buyers.Thus, the reason why American corn lost orders again and again is not because its opponent is too strong, but because it is too clever, did not grasp the opportunity.