Bao Tangyuan guess lantern riddles sichuan line builders at the construction site to celebrate the Lantern Festival

2022-05-15 0 By

Cover news reporter Xie Ran an sound gong and drum make Yuanxiao, round and round over the festival.On February 15th, the labor union of sichuan Branch of The Second Bureau of Construction of China held a Lantern Festival themed activity in chengdu pearl River New Town International project. They made dumplings and guessed lantern riddles with more than 50 front-line builders to celebrate the festival.Mixing the stuffing, rolling out the skin and boiling water, volunteers are busy making tangyuan early in the morning.”I wrapped a coin. Whoever eats it will have good luck this year.””It must be me, the lucky one.”In the workers look forward to the sound, white fat, hot dumplings end on the table.”It was my first time to celebrate yuanxiao at the construction site. I felt warm and warm as I ate hot sweet tangyuan.”Wang Wei, a waterproofing worker from Hubei Province, said happily.”‘ Sugar plums are so rare.’The answer to this lantern riddle is tangyuan, it’s so easy.”In addition to making tangyuan, volunteers also set up a quiz session to solve lantern riddles, and prepared alcohol, masks, gloves, nut gift bags and other prizes for workers.The design of riddles rich interesting content, puzzles, idioms, knowledge and so on, aroused the strong interest of workers, everyone began to answer, the activity scene is very festive and lively.According to build two innings, head of the sichuan branch of the union for the warmth and blessings to the worker in heart, safeguard the rights and interests of workers, trade union has three consecutive years to celebrate yuanxiao activities, through a condolence visit, labor competition, sports activities form builder allows a ray of joy festival, earnestly safeguard service, covering over 2300 worker masses,Continuously improve the happiness index of front-line builders.