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Self-made 1980s billionaire, doesn’t sound very inspirational.What if you combine that with cancer and the fact that you lose your company and $4 billion in assets?Such a bloody story, actually happened in Xi ‘an real estate businessman Hu Xufeng body.The fate of Hu Xufeng ups and downs.He was worth billions by the time he was in his twenties.In 2006, Hu xufeng got the old renovation project of Mujiangwang Village in Xi ‘an.However, the village committee amended the contract several times during the project, and the removal fee also rose.Due to lack of money, Hu Xufeng’s “master” Zhu Yaojiang proposed to lend him 80 million yuan, on the condition that he pledged 18% of Hu Xufeng’s equity. At this time, a large net of “tao loan” had been spread.At this time, the money lender Wang Jian appeared.He lent Hu 139 million yuan.At the same time, Wang Jian secretly through forged documents to Hu Xufeng company’s 75% equity change registered to his name.At the beginning of 2013, in order to repay the loan, Hu xufeng got to know Lee Dean of Zhongguizhi Trust, who expressed his willingness to buy 15% of Hongrun’s equity to help him repay the loan.But these people are just pawns in this routine loan, the real layout is Li Bin.Li Bin called “luxury monk”, Shaanxi financial “third person”.This layout is to take away hu Xufeng hands of the old project.When Mr. Hu and his “creditors” were locked in a standoff, Mr. Li offered to help repay the entire loan in exchange for a 51 percent stake in Mr. Hu’s company for 510 million yuan.Reluctantly, Hu Xufeng signed the Equity transfer Agreement.Two months later, Zhu Yaojiang published a newspaper in the name of the company, claiming that the organization code certificate, seal and account opening certificate were all lost. In this way, Hu Xufeng lost his company step by step.Zhu Yaojiang went one step further and reported hu xufeng’s embezzlement and embezzlement.Hu Xufeng was forced to “escape”.In 2018, hu Xufeng ushered in a turning point with the beginning of the campaign against Mafia and evil.Zhu Yaojiang, Wang Jian were arrested and imprisoned, but Hu Xufeng still did not return to his company.