Guangzhou urban public space barrier-free improvement design study launched

2022-05-15 0 By

Guangzhou intends to launch the design scheme for barrier-free improvement of urban public service space. Barrier-free environment construction in Guangzhou is in a period of rapid development. For a long time, the construction of barrier-free environment in Guangzhou has mainly focused on large and medium-sized public space, while the planning and construction of public space of service types have not been detailed and in-depth.Lack of typical, systematic demonstration cases and research results, the technical guide for public service space construction of barrier-free design demonstration and advice, lead to urban public space barrier-free space at the planning stage lack comprehensive development considerations, architecture design, internal traffic organization, and interior design scheme of guidance and form a complete set,Thus affecting the orderly promotion of barrier-free urban public space.In order to solve the above problems, it is necessary to carry out research on the design of barrier-free improvement in urban public space.Through the research on the design of barrier-free improvement of public service space in Guangzhou, the barrier-free research of urban public service space was put forward, the design experience of excellent cases in space construction and service process was summarized, and the problems and deficiencies were investigated to explore a feasible barrier-free process for “disabled people”.At the same time, by referring to the NATIONAL standard and the investigation situation, we evaluated the spatial quality through the content and depth of the standard element guidelines, clarified the design standards, sorted out and constructed the evaluation system, determined the sections and elements, and promoted the high-quality and efficient development of the project.Based on the existing standards and excellent local case design results of Guangzhou, the design experience of barrier-free improvement of public service space applicable to Guangzhou and facing the whole country is sorted out.Provide technical data support for the formulation of supporting policies and technical standards for planning and management in the next step, and promote the improvement of barrier-free quality in Guangzhou in an orderly manner.