Mother recalled wuhan to Harbin story: the PLA Qinggan school to the northeast

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My mother Li Shuxian (1923 — 1982), originally from Yanling County, Xuchang City, Henan Province, joined the PEOPLE’s Liberation Army in April 1949 and worked in the Artillery Logistics Department General Hospital (later renamed 36th Army Hospital and renamed 211 Hospital of the People’s Liberation Army after the end of the War of Resistance to The United States and Assistance to Korea) as an assistant, nurse and head nurse in 1950.1965 transferred to Harbin Taiping District People’s Hospital to work as the chief nurse.He retired in 1979.He died in 1982.During her mother’s illness, she kept a diary and wrote her autobiography every day for three years until her death.The following article is based on the memoirs written by my mother before her death. The first person “I” in the article is my mother herself, and the subtitle of the article is added by me.This series of articles commemorates my beloved mother.In the early 1950’s, the PLA Green Cadre School where we were stationed moved northeast from Wuhan, Hubei province.Many students from Hubei are reluctant to go to northeast China when they go north.Heard that northeast cold is severe, urinate when frozen into Popsicle, spit spit when the mouth can be frozen.In addition, just after liberation, their thoughts were confused, and they heard that the American empire would soon use Korea as a springboard to attack our northeast. Some people were afraid of fighting in front of us.Hubei Wuhan Yangtze River Bridge troops set out, our team according to the shift, platoon backbone pulled out, stand guard on the train, do not sleep at night, to the big station we get off, perform street drama, engage in publicity, their own cooking pot.In each major city, organize a group trip to the main streets or attractions.Don’t let yourself go, say it’s not safe to just liberate.Hebei Shanhaiguan, the easternmost tip of the Great Wall I still remember we went through the Great Wall to Shanhaiguan to visit the world’s first pass, so far decades, I still remember.We stayed in Shenyang for a long time, but when we went to the streets, we could only feel the smoke.We stopped at the railway station in Tianjin, and one night in March 1950, we arrived in Harbin.Off the train to see the bright lights, we are very happy, no car to pick up, carrying their own luggage on foot, all the way to sing the PLA March into the city, our school is in zhaolin Street.We heard that Harbin was the Moscow of the East, a very big city. However, when we went to the streets, it was quiet, there was no one to sell things, and there were few people. Compared with Wuhan at that time, we were very disappointed.Because of the commerce of the south, the goods are mostly laid out outside, and the night is very busy.In the northeast, on the contrary, it is cold at four or five o ‘clock in the evening, so there are fewer pedestrians on the street.So when I first came here, I was not used to it.During the day, some of our classmates wanted to walk on the street and buy some petty items like toilet paper, but there was nothing to see on the street, and every house was tightly closed, so we dared not go in.Later just know, because the door of the northeast shop is closed the door to sell goods inside, we walked into the shop, ah!They had everything, just as good as the southern stores, some bigger.These are the characteristics of the Northeast.Another thing we were not used to when we first arrived in Harbin was that we did not know how to close the door. In the southern summer, the heat was unbearable and we could not sleep at night. Many students filled large wooden basins with water and sat in them, or stood under the water pipes to soak in the water.And to the northeast know cold, also in and out of the door is not closed, after a long time, just changed.Not only closed doors and Windows, even seams are paper paste, visible China, the temperature difference between the north and the south, people’s living habits are also greatly different, which requires people to adapt to the environment.In terms of diet, in the south is mostly rice flour, eat sesame oil and rapeseed oil, to the northeast to eat never seen kaoliang rice, soybean oil, many people can not eat, especially some perennial eat rice grew up in Hubei, Hunan students, life can not stand.Fortunately, I am the zhongyuan people, what to eat to also go, don’t think that what can not stand, is to eat soy oil with no fragrant sesame seeds oil, my home is the place where the sorghum, but never tried also have never seen a Chinese sorghum, early to see, I feel fresh, I wanted to let family try to send home back to the point, it’s a pity that can’t send, he had to go back home to write describes the “three big treasure” of the northeast, and sorghum, soybeans, etc.Specialty.Harbin famous night at one hundred years old – the central avenue theoretical study has entered a new stage, to break the internship, I was assigned to the provincial hospital outpatient department, there also has the admission office, came to ward felt fresh, see have the bandage patients are afraid of, even dare not let old comrades see wear work clothes, because learning to wear clothes, pay attention to the inside and separate, lest infect.Sometimes we can not be in a hurry according to the book as written that do, to the patient care can only follow the old nurse to see, do some health work, such as, take bedpans, sweeping the floor, take a bath and so on.So there were only two internships a week, and the rest of the time was at school looking at specimens.It’s also interesting to talk about specimens. At the beginning of learning anatomy, everyone was afraid to put a skeleton in class.In order to remember the name and function of each bone, we all fought for the skeleton. There were many students, but there was no way. The teacher inspired the students to find their own way to dig the grave in the field, dig out the bones of the dead, cook them in a pot, and after disinfection, take them to study.In order to remember, sometimes lying on the bed, but also take the bones of the dead to study in the bed, in order to facilitate learning, everyone wants to occupy, dig more, each class has 1- 2 bones of the dead.Embrace learning, who is not afraid.Sometimes in order to practice physiology, let the smaller students lie down, the teacher pointed to a part of his body to learn, explain.We in order to learn to inject, between the students each other in their own body practice injection, these I take the lead in the class every time to other students in my body practice, the class of other students also want to let me practice, our class spirit of mutual aid is the best, outstanding academic performance, unity is also the best.In July 1950, we graduated. In the school competition, our class was the only model class, and I was awarded as the model student (there were two in total).At the commencement meeting, certificates and prizes (a notebook and a pen) were handed out.At that time, the army was on a supply system.Our students also do not pay wages, the girl every month to triangle money health expenses, boys to hair twenty cents yellow tobacco expenses, cadres and soldiers are the same, have a meal together.At that time really call officers and men consistent, the students to the leadership of oral confidence, appears to be intimate, especially high prestige of the Party and league members, everyone yearning for the future can join the Party and league, that is the greatest desire.During my mother’s study in the military academy, the first one on the left is my mother. Our democratic life was also very active. Students participated in the management of our food and dining hall.The deepest impression on me is that I remember once there was a student put forward, winter class to sit on a small stool cool, the leadership of each of us a small cotton pad.There is a “38” section female comrade put forward, our female comrade shorts not enough to wear, because we both men and women each year hair two shorts, and the woman has menstrual wash some of the cost, the leadership listened to soon gave us each hair six feet red twill.Through these two things can be explained, our school under the leadership of the president, the students all feel satisfied, have written home, said the eighth Route Army under the leadership of the Communist Party is very good.In particular, after we graduate to the certificate, good news to send us home, the local hometown in order to expand publicity, on the organization of the village government drums to the home.According to my father, half of yanling County knew that my family got good news (it was only later that I learned).At first, some people did not dare to let their children join the army or do any work because of the kuomintang’s reactionary propaganda. After more than a year of correspondence and local propaganda, more and more people asked to join the revolution.In the army, we studied the outline of land law and gave ourselves a preliminary assessment of family composition. Land reform was also carried out in the countryside.My family was originally a cloth dyeing worker, because my father’s savings for many years to buy a few acres of land, plus the dye house was robbed by bandits, for several years no longer dyed cloth, so the land reform in accordance with the land law outline regulation, evaluation of a middle peasant.Although my father owned several acres of land and could not cultivate it by himself (without farm tools), he still owed a lot of debt in the city. If he sold all the land at that time, he would not be able to pay the debt.My father was a famous honest man, and he didn’t have a problem with what others said. Besides, my brother and I had already joined the army, and no one had a problem with him. Therefore, the evaluation of the ingredients was basically reasonable, the same as our own evaluation in the army.But at that time, the family life was really difficult, so he sold all my old clothes at home to make a living. During the land reform, our land was not touched, and we also got a piece of housing, that is, the house we live in, which was originally rented, and later became our own.The war to resist American aggression and aid Korea was about to begin. After we had graduated from the medical school, most of our students were assigned to the artillery division in front of us. The general hospital after the artillery had this advantage and left us several model cadets, including 10 good cadets including doctors, nurses and pharmacists.At this time, the students thought through learning to improve their consciousness, are willing to go to the front of the battlefield rescue, not willing to stay behind.But the organization decided, no one dared to disobey, I saw their classmates and soldiers to the front troops together happy life, we were very jealous.And we feel bored every day in the hospital facing some patients.Especially later, I transferred from internal medicine to obstetrics and gynecology work, day and night with women and babies.I was disappointed because I was doing well in school and wanted to serve the wounded well, but unexpectedly I could not see the wounded at the obstetrics and gynecology department.Makes me very unhappy.Central Street, Harbin city