Niu er is clearly “alcohol wine”, why so popular?

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“Wine is the essence of food, the more you drink, the younger you get.”Many people like to drink two cups of wine in life, especially those who do heavy physical work. Many people like to drink a little wine at dinner, enjoying the spicy stimulation of wine and the feeling of being hot and tipsy.China’s baijiu industry is highly developed, with local brands popular everywhere and well-known brands like Moutai and Wuliangye even among nondrinkers.But even for those who like to drink, most of them probably haven’t had more than a few drinks of well-known baijiu brands such as Maotai and Wuliangye, given the price tag attached to them.Niu Er can be said to be liquor brand in an additional kind, niu er’s popularity can be said to be no less than the traditional famous wine, in each big supermarket and shopping mall also can see its figure, even in the small supermarket in the countryside, Niu er also can be placed in a significant position, visible niu er is in the position in the eyes of wine friends.In fact, people who often drink and understand a little white wine know that Niulanshan Erguotou is “alcoholic wine”, especially Niulanshan aging and “white ox two”, but why we know that niulanshan is alcoholic wine, it is so popular?We all know that according to the brewing process of Chinese liquor, liquor is mainly divided into:Solid fermentation method (pure grain wine), liquid fermentation method (alcohol mixed wine), solid liquid method (solid and liquid mixed liquor), these three brewing methods will be clearly written on the bottle, which is the national industry recommended standard GBT, liquid liquor is 20821, solid liquid liquor is 20822,From these labels, it is clear whether they are grain wines or alcoholic wines.Two cattle product label is GBT20822, that is, solid liquid liquor, so two cattle clearly tell you: “it is alcohol wine”.However, GBT is a national recommended standard rather than mandatory standard GB, so some winery wine will play some marginal ball, may be in the face of edible alcohol, but there is no obvious mark out, so in good faith with cattle two ratio far apart.Erguotou is a white wine brewed by the method of “nip the head and go the tail”. Due to the selection of bran qu method for brewing, erguotou wine has a high rate of wine output, so even the price of pure grain red Star Erguotou is not too high.Niu Er is to use edible alcohol and part of the grain wine blend out, so drink taste good, more pure alcohol taste, this is similar to Russia’s vodka, which is why russians also like to drink Erguotou reasons.Niuer has a pure taste without any miscellaneous flavor, so many people who like to enjoy the pure taste of alcohol especially like niuer, which is also the reason why niuer is popular, because it is purer than this flavor, that flavor of baijiu.Three, a lot of famous liquor is not easy to buy, and if the purchase channel is not right, it is likely to be deceived to buy fake wine.There is no such problem with Niu Er, because niu er itself is cheap and counterfeiters make little profit in making it, and Niu er has dealers all over China, a formidable distribution capacity that many baijiu brands would envy.Niu Er even in the famous wine in Sichuan and Anhui, where the small supermarket may not buy some local well-known liquor, but Niu er casually into a small supermarket can meet, which can be said to be the charm of niu Er.Four, the market positioning of niu Er niu er himself set his position very positive, is cheap low-end liquor, a bottle of 500ml of niu er sells for less than 15 yuan, the small package of less than 5 yuan, this price can be said to be everyone can drink affordable, this is why niu er so popular reasons.Niu Eralthough is “alcohol wine”, but the production standard of niu Eris also food safety production standards, so drinking niu Eris obviously safer than drinking some unknown liquor at ease a lot.Niu Er in June this year with the release of the new national standard of liquor, niu er can no longer be called “baijiu”, but according to the market share of Niu er, it is estimated that niu er will always be liked by many people.