Zhang Xinyue a family of three out to play!Hand in hand too sweet, daughter wearing sunglasses super cute

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Zhang Xinyue and Lin Feng take advantage of weekend to put shine again, 3 warmth with frame picture lets a person very envy really.On February 12, Lin Feng and his wife Zhang Xinyue shared a series of photos on social media.”Fragments of life, happy life,” Wrote Zhang Xinyue on social media.It is not difficult to feel that after Zhang Xinyue and Lin Feng got married, she always put all her thoughts on her husband and children. Although simple and trivial, she was happy everywhere.In the exposed picture, Zhang Xinyue is wearing a white top, black slacks, a ponytail, wearing a sunshade hat, looking very girlish.Do not know whether she is Lin Feng consideration, or born do not like to wear high-heeled shoes, when a family of three stroll beach edge, Lin Feng obviously shorter than Zhang Xinyue.Lin Feng, who is over 40, looks like a handsome young man in a stylish outfit, though the black knit cap on his head is a bit shabby.The division division of more than one year old is being led to walk by Lin Feng and Zhang Xinyue, see its slow action, appear very lovely.In the front photo, Ge Ge looks very cute wearing black sunglasses.From the background analysis, Lin Feng and his family should have spent a day lounging at the seaside. From sunrise in the morning, to lunch at noon, and then to sunset in the afternoon, the picture of a family of three seems to set off against the mountains and the sea, which is beautiful and warm.As early as at noon, Lin Feng shared a group of sunset photos in advance, the picture of Zhang Xinyue and Ge Ge is like the characters in the picture, in the setting off of the sunset, it is full of fairy.It is understood that this group of photos by Lin Feng palm mirror, Zhang Xinyue also praised her husband for this.From being a career maniac to focusing on his family, Lin Feng’s change has been noticed by many fans, not only because he wants to return to his family, but also because of zhang xinyue’s excellence.It is understood that after zhang xinyue married Lin Feng, she has been taking care of her husband and children, and has worked hard to improve her personal qualities, including cooking and figure.It is not hard to find from Zhang Xinyue’s social network that she often shows off her cooking skills at home, from Western food to Chinese food. In addition, she also takes time to actively exercise, maintain good physical fitness, and strive to become better.With such a wife at home, what man would not go home, would not stay at home?Look back at the past of Lin Feng, Wu Qian language is not defeated at Zhang Xinyue no matter figure or appearance level, but why final failure?I guess it’s the cooking and the spending.