Beijing Winter Olympics organizing Committee: half the race, fruitful results

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Beijing, February 13 (Xinhua) — Gao Meng, Zhao Jiantong, Ji YeYang Shuan, vice president of the Beijing Organizing Committee for the Winter Olympic Games (BOCOG), speaks at a regular press conference at the Main media Center of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games on Wednesday.To summarize the operation of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games since the opening of “first-class competition venues, first-class athletes, first-class competition organization and operation, first-class meteorological services and first-class medical treatment services”.”A lot of athletes said it was a great tournament.They posted a lot of warm and smiling pictures on social media and it was a great achievement for us.The main achievement is the satisfaction of the athletes.”Dubi, executive director of the INTERNATIONAL Olympic Committee’s Olympic Department.As of last night, athletes had set a total of 13 Olympic and two world records during the Games.In addition to the hard power of the athletes, advanced facilities also provide important support for the birth of new records.”In various venues in the Olympics, we integrate the many elements of science and technology”, Yang Shuan said, oval with the country “ice ribbon” as an example, its nearly 12000 square meters of ice is one of the world’s largest use oval of carbon dioxide ice ice, in the plain, the fastest “ice”, created eight days one set eight Olympic record and world records.In addition, the excellent event organizing service of the Beijing Winter Olympics also impressed all the participants.”They [health workers] serve us in protective suits and masks and smile at us from behind the masks.I also spent a lot of time communicating and communicating with some of the volunteers inside the closed Loop, and they did a very good job. It was also a cultural exchange.”Dolby praised the work of the volunteers and service personnel inside the closed loop.According to Yang Shuan, in the treatment of injuries and injuries, the venue team also had excellent performance.”The venue medical team has demonstrated a high level of professionalism in the on-site treatment of injured athletes, which has been recognized and praised by the athletes and the INTERNATIONAL Winter Sports Federation.Hans, medical officer of the International Snow Federation, said the medical rescue at the men’s all-around downhill alpine skiing event on February 10 was perfect.”Since the start of the competition, the meteorological department has provided accurate weather forecast for the event, which has played a crucial role in the smooth operation of the event.Yang Shuan said at the press conference, “For example, the snow you see today, as early as February 4, the meteorological department has already made a prediction, two days ago basically determined the time and magnitude of snow at each venue.So we have issued weather warning information in advance, and the local governments, venues and business sectors are actively preparing countermeasures, and have made adequate preparations according to updated weather information.”At the same time, the competition teams always work closely with the IFS and weather forecast teams to ensure the smooth running of the events.In addition to legacies such as stadiums, Duby reiterated that the Games will leave an important intangible legacy.”The event was very well organised with thousands of staff involved and the experience they gained will be an important human resource legacy.At the same time, the positive energy of young athletes such as Gu Ailing and Gao Tingyu will also inspire more children.”Qinghai Daily (February 14, 2022, 5th edition: Gather in Beijing for Winter Olympics) statement: All the above contents are original works of Qinghai Daily, except the source indicated. It is strictly prohibited to reprint without written permission.