The Lantern Festival reunion when they silently adhere to the snow plateau

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The Lantern Festival is a festival for family reunion, but in the southwest border area of the motherland, there is a group of people always quietly stick to it.The picture shows police patrolling along the border:Hot on February 15, stationed in Tibet autonomous region ali alvin county entry-exit frontier inspection station inclined, tile ZhiQinDian police, combining on foot and by bus way of patrol, the port line, channel TaZha, pass to carry out the border patrol, further enhancing the disease prevention and control and the fight against smuggling illegal crime of iron wall, make sure that during the festival the international security and stability.The graph is in front of the police patrol photography: hot cold cooling not enough enthusiasm, not the beginner’s mind is covered with snow, in this time of gathering, patrol police at a distance, remote to send a blessing to the family, with affection to stick to, with practical action to practice the “I am in the hotel, please rest assured” motherland clank of the oath, with a stick to send the most sincere wishes to the people of the whole country.”When the whole country is celebrating the festival, I stick to the border line of the motherland, I am very proud!”Police patrol Solandobje said.In Qamdo, Tibet Autonomous Region, there are such a group of people who always guard the green barrier of the motherland and stick to every ordinary post.Coincing with the Lantern Festival, Qamdo forest fire detachment mangkang county garrison fire rescue personnel with a simple language to express the deep miss to their loved ones.Zhang Jiawang said: “Mom and dad, I used to spend the Lantern Festival at home with you, but this year I will spend it at work.I wish you a happy Lantern Festival!I’m all right here. Don’t miss it.”Incheong Jeong-jeong, a fourth-grade firefighter, said, Mom and Dad, I have been away from home for nearly three years. I have lived a happy life here. I don t have to worry about my son.I like this kind of life very much, like the flame blue on my body, to be an honorable firefighter, I feel very proud.Mom and dad, I wish you a happy Lantern Festival!Good health!Tashi Delek!”The graph is Su Wenyi level 3 fire and Su Wenyi said: “dad, mom, I left home nearly 7 years, after the team’s experience, I have been gradually growing and progressing, to become a qualified forest firefighter, also deeply feel your hard and not easy, you should take good care of yourself, son to have lots of filial piety, take good care of you.Finally I wish mom and dad happy Lantern Festival, son love you!”Firefighters set up water pumps during the Lantern Festival in Zuogong County, Qamdo city, Southwest China’s Sichuan Province, Feb. 15, 2018.On the steep mountainside, fire and rescue crews in orange-red uniforms weave back and forth.Due to the high and steep mountain slope in eastern Tibet, it is usually necessary to use multiple pumps in series and in parallel to transport water to a predetermined position.The operator of each pump must control pressurization and decompression according to the different situation of the site, and repeatedly practice training, in order to effectively improve the efficiency of mountain water delivery.Next, the squadron will strive to improve the core combat effectiveness of the team through professional training, and lay a solid foundation for winning the tough battle of spring defense.Full moon in the day, mission in the shoulder.In the snowy plateau, they give up their small homes for everyone, with the festival of adherence, guarding the lights of thousands of families.Happy holidays to these lovely and honorable people!(Correspondent for China Xizang Net/Ge Ge, Wang Linduo, Zhang Hong, Zhang Yong, Peng Shunxiong)