The comprehensive service center of Weizhou Mining Company of Kailuan Group has carried out the “Two Festivals” condolation activities

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The Comprehensive service Center of Weizhou Mining Company of Kailuan Group carried out the “Two Festival” condolance activities. According to the overall deployment of the “two Festival” condolance activities of the company, the Comprehensive service Center of Weizhou Mining Company of Kailuan Group visited the workers in need and sent them consolation money, rice, flour, oil and other gifts.Condolences shijiazhuang, Zhangjiakou and Yu county nationality retired veteran cadres, for them to send holiday blessings and enterprise care.Hardship allowances and consolation gifts were given to disabled and needy workers from 1 to 6, and their relatives.The work of “two sections” of condolence was successfully completed.Center group comes to difficult worker Li Xiaojun home.Li Xiaojun is a staff member of the logistics maintenance team of cuijiazhai Mine retention team. His wife suffered from leukemia in May 2018, and received eight chemotherapy treatments in Peking University People’s Hospital, with a medical expense of 180,000 yuan.In February 2019, he underwent a stem cell transplant, which has cost millions of yuan in medical expenses.She has two children, the eldest daughter is studying in the nursing department of Hebei Women’s College, and the son is studying in county No.1 Middle School.The family had no other source of income and only relied on their own wages to maintain. The sudden illness caused the family to be extremely difficult and heavily in debt.The center of leadership to understand his wife’s physical condition and children’s reading situation, asked him to concentrate on work, always pay attention to safety, for the family to hold up an umbrella;Encourage his son not to let his family interfere with his studies, to study hard, return to his parents, return to the enterprise, be a valuable person.The comprehensive service center is in charge of the management work of retired employees, disabled employees of grade 1-4 and 5-10 of Weizhou Company, and the support for their parents. The amblyopia group is relatively concentrated, so the annual “Two festivals” sympathy activity has become an important part of the center’s work.In January 2022, the trade union of the Center, in strict accordance with the identification standards for workers with financial difficulties, registered qualified workers with financial difficulties into the national trade union assistance system in a timely manner, so that these workers with financial difficulties can enjoy the national living, medical and educational assistance, and help alleviate their economic difficulties.The development of “two sections” condolence activities, fully reflects the enterprise to the difficult workers, retired, disabled workers and retired veteran cadres of the attention and care, further strengthen the enterprise and the staff of flesh and blood contact, firm difficult workers to overcome difficulties of confidence, courage and determination.(Weizhou Mining Company)