A touch of red in “Only this green.

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Since this year, the stock market is flying straight down, on January 25 fell the number of shares also hit a new record high, in this piece, only this green, see a familiar stock, Changchun high-tech, from the early highest more than 500 unexpectedly fell to more than 100, this area big white horse what happened?Misstep.I went to a little bit of information, it turns out that the guangdong health care in, the changchun high new growth hormone included, and booster injection and water the same set of Numbers, the price is not separate, changchun high profit is mostly water, if it at this price, basically no profit, so the market is down sharply, for several consecutive fall finally settled.Turned over the data again, Guangdong this health insurance growth hormone injection procurement tens of millions, the tens of millions of Changchun high-tech abandoned standard, can not?Is the future national collective mining, at most a few hundred million shares, on a net profit of more than four billion in 2021 a company, is there such a big impact?It feels like a mistake!In the early stage, Changchun High-tech Company used 600 million yuan to buy back. The company’s management, from the chairman of the board to some middle-level individuals began to buy in January. Those who know the company best have no hope for the later stage, so they should not buy in one after another!The market is bearish logic, competition companies should be marked for the amount, but competition companies should be marked water needle, price falls to the price of the powder needle, their main product how to sell the powder needle?Fell three limit, after a day did not fall limit, volume increased sharply, who began to buy?The most reasonable explanation is that chips from the high hand to the current relatively low.Can tentative action, short line already make downward space also won’t be very big, up to is to have dozens of yuan space, the center line here is also suitable batch build warehouse position.Before the Spring Festival, there should be investors in action, so see: only this green a red!