“Blood source” card table game people mall open for sale!Brothers stab him in the back

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Bloodborne: The Curse, an authorized card board game based on the popular PS4 game bloodborne: The Curse, is now on sale at Nomad Mall, priced at 278 yuan for the original and 128 yuan for the expansion.Homeless mall page >>>>>>> This table game by the board game factory CMON produced, please out of the signature designer Eric.M.Lang (Wolf teacher) knife design rules.In the full guarantee of table play experience, as far as possible to restore the Settings and experience of video games.(Unfortunately, the ontology difficulty is not restored.)Bloodborne: A Card Game based on bloodborne: Curse’s Golden Goblet City, bloodborne: Curse is a very happy semi-cooperative card game.Hunters need to form a team of 3-5 people to engage in encounters in the dungeon.Defeat monsters that appear in front of you to earn echo of Blood and the corresponding trophy.Finally, it’s a good idea to kill your teammates as well as monsters, because they’re your teammates when you’re fighting monsters, and your competitors when you’re fighting monsters.The game starts with the selection of a final BOSS, all of whom are old friends of the hunters, such as ROM the stupid spider, Germaine the First Hunter, Mego’s wet nurse, Bishop Amelia, and so on.They give hunters a continuous buff, such as a maximum of 6 health, permanent death for each hunter who dies twice, 1 health for each hunter at the start of each turn, etc.Then, three common bosses and seven common monsters will be randomly selected and shuffled to form the enemy card library of the game.No doubt these cards are old friends of the hunters, too, and we shall not repeat them.The hunters finish the game by emptying the deck of enemy cards and defeating the final BOSS.Each hunter has five starting cards, all of the same content, a weapon transformation, a hunter dream, a hunter pistol, a meat knife and a hunter axe.Each turn, hunters need to choose a card to cover in front of them, and then open it at the same time, according to the game process in order to settle.The cards played should be put aside and cannot be used for the time being.Hunters get the same amount of blood echoes for damage done to monsters, but they don’t really count as your score until the hunter returns to the hunter’s dream and the blood echoes are stored as your score, at which point the hand that has been played can be reset.In addition, when you return to hunter’s dream, you will get new equipment and full health.Monster side Each monster has a different effect, health and damage, the monster’s attack power is reflected in the different color of the dice, red is the highest number of dice, green is the lowest number of dice.However, don’t assume that green is not a threat, the dice in this game have a “+” side, which means that the black hunter is at risk of being killed by the green dice.With the exception of bosses, regular monsters only stay in front of the hunter for one turn, and if the hunter fails to kill it, it will flee.The hunter can no longer claim the trophy.Some monster escapes can cause more trouble for the hunter, but some monsters escape to the hunter’s advantage, so it is important to adjust the output and plan the progression properly.In the body, there is no penalty for a hunter’s death, only the reverberation of blood.However, DLC has added a death penalty mechanism, and every time a hunter dies, his trophy cap will be deducted according to the trophy mark on the monster that kills him.So it makes even more sense to send your teammates and monsters away in battle.Not only can you prevent your teammates from getting points, you can also further limit the maximum number of points they can get.This is when the intrigue of the game has reached its peak.The board game has simple rules, and despite being an IP licensed game, it’s easy to play for anyone who hasn’t played Bloodborne.The semi-cooperative, semi-confrontational nature of the interaction between players also makes the game a great place to engage your bad friends.