God replies: look this leg is pin crown

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What job did you do once that you wouldn’t do again?What would happen if humanity discovered a civilization inferior to itself?What would an ancient emperor do with a sip of modern coke?Where is the alpha?Can you kill Wei, Shu and Wu, and marry Big Joe, little Joe, let’s give him a name.Why did Jiu Mozhi only grab the six-vein magic sword and easy jin Jing?Who is right?Why not help the old turtle ask life of the old since only jiuyang shengong can crack the palm of the god of dark, Zhang Sanfeng won’t, so I think dark two old can win Zhang Sanfeng!What action of the female is suggesting that let you chase her how to say to save life…Is this still scratchable?What will happen if xiuzhen in xiuzhen novel is changed into learning?Does the light just disappear or does it continue to travel?I don’t have to go to all that trouble!What does He think of this statement?Is that really the case?