Liu Chuanzhi asked

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Liu Chuanzhi asked Xia Chao why the Chinese people said in unison: “Do not check Liu Chuanzhi heaven unbearable?”First, because he used his power to take it for himself.Second, they neglected the responsibility of the company under the name of the Chinese Academy of Sciences to scale the peak of science and technology in the world. Instead, they concentrated on real estate development and buying parts to assemble computers, thus delaying national affairs.Thirdly, after working for decades under the strong support of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, he not only failed to make contributions to China’s scientific and technological progress, but also brought his company into the dilemma of lack of competitiveness in the international market.The fourth reason is that Lenovo has been playing a tight game in the voting on the technology standard of the fifth generation mobile phone, supporting foreign companies rather than Chinese companies, which made Huawei lose.Fifth, he paid himself ridiculously high wages under false pretenses.Sixth, because through the means of telling lies to package themselves.In a word, this guy says all the right things and does all the wrong.December 21, 2001