New progress was made in the construction of the world’s largest railway-highway cable-stayed bridge under construction

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Construction site.Nanjing, April 4 (Liu Yangshen zhao Zhenyu), changtai Yangtze River Bridge north main tower under the first “L” shaped area pouring completed.This marks a new progress in the construction of the world’s largest span railway-highway cable-stayed bridge.The Chang-Tai Yangtze River Bridge connects Changzhou city and Taixing City in Jiangsu Province. It is the first bridge across the river in China that integrates an expressway, an ordinary highway and an intercity railway. It is also the world’s largest railway-highway cable-stayed bridge.Its total length is 10.03 kilometers. The main channel bridge is a steel truss cable-stayed bridge with a main span of 1176 meters.The upper deck of the bridge is arranged as a 6-lane highway with a design speed of 100 kilometers per hour.The upper and lower sides of the bridge deck are respectively arranged as a 2-line intercity railway with a designed speed of 200 km/h and a 4-lane first-class highway with a designed speed of 80 km/h.Construction site.The north main tower is 352 meters high. It adopts the design of “space diamond” and is divided into upper tower, middle tower and lower tower. It is built by the Second Aviation Bureau of China Communications.If the main tower, which carries the weight of the bridge deck, is likened to a “bearer”, the lower beam acts as a “shoulder” to ensure that it can support the weight of the bridge deck and the flow of traffic in the future.To this end, the construction team explored the integrated application of BIM, big data, cloud computing, Internet of Things, AI and other technologies in the construction, improved the level of scientific and technological management, and grasped various construction parameters in real time to ensure the smooth progress of construction.Construction site.According to the plan, the 352-meter “world’s highest” tower will be completed this year, paving the way for the bridge to open to traffic.In the near future, on the vast river, a green, wisdom, the “long dragon” will be across the north and south, then drive from Taixing to Changzhou only 7 minutes or so.Source: