Ningde: Sprinting “off to a good start”

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Southeast network On February 7 (this network reporter Ye Fuguo) During the Spring Festival, ningde industrial enterprises in the city to take close measures for employees to create a thick flavor, do a good job in the prevention and control of the epidemic at the same time, full throttle, step up production, strive to sprint “a good start”.In the construction site of many key projects throughout the city, workers are fighting against the cold, scrambling for the construction period and ensuring the schedule, and busy construction scenes can be seen everywhere.Spring Festival “not closed” sprint “a good start” a year in the spring, speed up the development of the start.Recently, the reporter came to the production workshop of ningde Yilian Electronics Co., LTD., located in the north new area of Eastern Overseas Chinese in Ningde City, and saw a number of production lines in the workshop running at the same time, the workers are busy in an orderly manner, and the production scene is in full swing.”On the eve of the Spring Festival, the government sent us a ‘gift package’ for the Spring Festival, so that the staff who stick to the production line can enjoy the New Year, and everyone is very enthusiastic about production.”Xu Xiaoju, the company’s quality manager, introduced that in order to ensure the delivery of orders, during the Spring Festival, the company’s many production lines were in full operation, and 116 employees stuck to their posts to sprint for a “good start” and compete for the “good jackpot”.The rising Ningde Era New energy Industry Base fan Chen Chunye’s photo into the SAIC Passenger car Ningde base, the same in full bloom.Order to meet market demand, saic ningde base every line power, stepping up production, the first to people, base their make-up, producing 5000 units (sets), average daily attendance personnel in 950.According to saic Passenger vehicle Fujian branch personnel introduction, in order to ensure the work and life of employees during the Spring Festival to get a stable and orderly development, the base specially arranged to return home, return to the post line, organize liuning employees to have the New Year’s Eve dinner, and carry out condolences and New Year wishes.At the same time, in order to meet the spiritual and cultural needs of employees, the dormitory organized a series of popular activities such as “God of wealth comes to worship the New Year”, “mini temple fair”, to ensure that the employees of Liuning have a safe and healthy auspicious year.As of February 7, the return rate of Ningde base has reached 90%, basically meeting the production needs.Similarly, in the construction site of Ningde Times Cheliwan Energy expansion Project, more than 2,000 workers stick to their posts, while tower cranes swing and turn, the electric current of welding steel bars, the friction of cleaning concrete, and the roar of excavator operation…A busy scene in full swing, everywhere surging construction boom.According to Chen Zebin, manager of Cheliwan infrastructure project, in order to meet the needs of project construction, some of the employees in other places gave up the opportunity to unite with relatives and friends and chose to spend the Spring Festival there and continue to stay at the construction site.It is understood that during the Spring Festival in 2022, among the 1,071 industrial enterprises in the city, 81 enterprises, accounting for 7.6%, will not stop production.Construction and production are off to a good start, playing the “symphony” of the Year of the Tiger.According to the statistics bureau of Ningde city, in 2021, the GDP of Ningde reached 315.108 billion yuan, its economic total rose from the eighth to the fifth place in the province, and its per capita GDP exceeded 100,000 yuan for the first time.Ningde’s economic growth has led the whole province, its total amount has risen, and its strength has been significantly enhanced. Ningde’s development achievements have been “brilliant”, laying a solid foundation for building Ningde into an “important growth pole” of high-quality development in Fujian Province.A higher starting point, again have to work to promote the city’s economy, a good step, to ensure the main indicators to achieve “good start” in the first quarter, ningde has worked out at the beginning of the first quarter of 2022 “good start” work plan, plan including steady means of agricultural production, promote the rapid industrial growth, efforts to expand effective investment in nine aspects such as article 30 specific measures,Comprehensively implement provincial deployment requirements and promote the steady development of economic and social sectors.”Hard core” measures help enterprises stabilize posts and steady work Li Minxiong ningde Times New energy plant, the spring comes early, employment is timely.Early in the morning of February 7, the first day of the New Year, Zhuogeng, deputy director of the Management Committee of Dongqiao Development Zone, took the relevant personnel of five enterprises, including New Energy, Ningde Times and Zhuogao, to Yichuan and Hua county of Henan province and Anhua and Xinhua county of Hunan Province, four counties with a population of more than one million, to negotiate labor service cooperation.Similarly, counties (cities, districts) have also organized key enterprises to “grab people” in other provinces.This is the first time that Ningde city has gone to other provinces to recruit workers after the Spring Festival.”During the Spring Festival is a great opportunity for a large number of job seekers to gather, rather than waiting for people to come to the door, it is better to come to the door directly.”Zhuogeng said, in addition to the recruitment in Hunan Anhua organization to participate in offline job fair, they also plan to combine local resources to carry out “with post live” spring breeze action, let enterprises into the broadcast room propaganda post information and ningde employment eight measures.The “eight measures” mentioned by Zhuo Geng is the “Eight Measures for Employment of Service manufacturing Enterprises in Ningde City” recently issued by Ningde City. This is a real measure that Ningde has taken out “real money” to help create a “free employment city” and alleviate the problem of labor shortage of manufacturing enterprises in Ningde City.For example, enterprises are encouraged to recruit workers through the way of “bringing in the new with the old” and “attracting workers with the work”. On the basis of the existing rewards, one-time labor service awards and subsidies will be given to enterprises;Encourage villages (communities) to participate in labor transport, according to the number of villages (communities) per person 500 yuan one-time reward;Public employment service institutions, colleges and human resources service institutions outside the province that send more than 20 workers and graduates to work for more than 6 months (to participate in social insurance) will be given 500 yuan per person with a total amount of less than 300,000 yuan.If the public employment service institution or its authorized human resource service institution organizes enterprises to recruit employees outside Ningde City, it will give each enterprise a one-time subsidy of 3,000 yuan within the province and 6,000 yuan outside the province;In provinces where migrant workers are concentrated, chartered cars and chartered trains are used for point-to-point transportation;For those who come to Nanjing for the first time from outside the province in February this year, during the period of job hunting, they will be provided with free accommodation for 5 days…Launch “ten measures” in addition, the ningde city federation of trade unions (delivering care, delivering activity, and send to preach, delivering culture, welfare, and to send the preferential, riddles and services, harmonious, civilized) service worker in good years, trade unions at all levels in the city raise “auspicious gift bag” a total of more than 338 ten thousand yuan, in-depth visits condolences basic unit 138, covering all kinds of staff of nearly ten thousand people,Let everyone in the busy at the same time can also feel the festive atmosphere of the Spring Festival, feel different “taste of the New Year”.Various power struggle to achieve “good start” in the New Year, ningde character overhead, seek improvement in stability, take out “start the decisive battle, started the sprint” determination to play a “six” combination, to ensure stable maintained good momentum of development situation, stability, maintain the province’s leading, promoting the city’s economy have work, a good step.In terms of industrial production, relevant measures have been introduced to encourage enterprises to increase production and efficiency, ensure stable employment of enterprises, accelerate project construction and promote effective investment, and put forward support policies full of dry goods.In terms of employment, six measures have been taken to further guarantee the employment demand of enterprises, including reducing social security burden, encouraging continuous production, supporting enterprises to attract employment, expanding employment channels, increasing training and strengthening performance assessment.Key projects are the “bull nose” of economic development.In order to promote the implementation of the “good start” work, Ningde sorted out 100 major projects requiring key services in the fields of industry, infrastructure, energy, education and medical care in the first quarter, and carried out “point services” for project construction to further strengthen factor guarantee and coordination.Projects that start in January or February ahead of schedule will be awarded total score of performance evaluation;Project owners who start work ahead of schedule and construction units that do not stop work during the Spring Festival shall be rewarded with funds for preliminary work.In order to achieve a “good start” to promote consumption, Ningde launched a series of consumption promotion activities, issued a New Deal to continue the new energy car subsidies, new energy vehicles eligible for a one-time subsidy of 4000 yuan per car;We will introduce measures to promote cultural and tourism economy in the first quarter of 2022, adopt the offline + online model, organize cultural performances, exhibitions, public cultural services and other activities to promote cultural and tourism consumption;We will ensure the supply and prices of important commodities to ensure people’s wellbeing. We will open 50 discount stores in a series to provide subsidies for 22 commodities that are important to people’s wellbeing, including meat, eggs and vegetables.We will strengthen the dispatch of grain sources, coordinate processing, storage, transportation, distribution and supply in advance, and make every effort to ensure grain and oil market supply.In addition, the ningde city development and reform commission also fanned out various counties (city, area), east economic and technological development zone and city at the corresponding level, carry out the whole supervision research services, understand local project, policy support and the difficult problems, strengthen classified coordination mechanism, to guide the effective implementation of provinces and cities around the work plan, policies and measures to advance the construction of major projects.