The snowflake is the cauldron!Take a look at the Shenzhen elements of the Winter Olympics

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The opening ceremony of the 24th Winter Olympic Games in Beijing was held at the National Stadium on Thursday evening.Chinese President Xi Jinping attended the opening ceremony and declared the Beijing Winter Olympics open.Nordic biathlete Zhao Jiawen and cross-country skier Dinigel Iramujiang shared the final leg of the torch, leaving it burning in the center of a big snowflake composed of the names of all the countries and regions participating in the Winter Olympics!Low carbon, environmental protection ignition method, in the hundred years of Olympic history has never been, this is the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics general director Zhang Yimou set the “biggest suspense” Beijing Winter Olympics opening ceremony, not only opened a sports event, but also lit up the new hope of spring.Thousands of miles away in Shenzhen, the unique Lingnan Winter Olympics celebration, During the Spring Festival, Shenzhen encountered a cold wave cooling, in the cold and wet winter in the south, the venue of the shenzhen sub-venue activities – the civic Center is steaming hot.The layout of the four dimensions of the performance space shenzhen stage is also unique, flowers, waves, ice flowers meet here, respectively, meaning the concept of shenzhen, the coastal city and the Winter Olympics in the south.Shenzhen is a young city of innovation. For the opening ceremony of this Winter Olympics, the director team led by Xia Feng created four dimensions of performance space. Let’s take a look.1 Shenzhen National Winter Olympics Snow fairy and flower fairy dance integration of the first dimension of performance space: it is composed of performers from multiple art categories.Among them are shenzhen citizen families, young dancers, dance troupe for the elderly, children’s dance troupe, Shenzhen roller skating team, Lion Dance troupe, Shenzhen Intangible Cultural Heritage fishing lantern dance, fashion models, national standard dancers, ballet dancers, foreign nationals living and working in Shenzhen, etc., which can be said to be all walks of life, the whole people participated in welcoming the Winter Olympics.▽ Rehearsal scene) The snow fairy of the Winter Olympics and the flower fairy of Shenzhen dance together, symbolizing the integration of the Winter Olympics and Shenzhen.2 The world’s leading laser projector will illuminate the night sky of Shenzhen in the second dimension of performance space: formed by the stage setting and laser matrix.▷ (Rehearsal scene) Shenzhen has its own 100,000 lumen laser projector, which is the first one in the world and has a projection distance of 3 kilometers. What will be projected in the night sky of Shenzhen tonight?Let’s wait and see.The third dimension of performance space: 2,022 drones spread out in shenzhen’s night sky.2022 uAVs rise slowly, forming a sky of snow, floating in the night sky of Shenzhen;Unmanned aerial vehicle composed of “ice dun dun” and “snow Rong Rong” leisurely coming, the winter Olympics theme jumped in the air.In addition, the director group also carefully put shenzhen’s blessing to the Winter Olympics through the bullet screen hit the sky, using drones as a carrier, shenzhen citizens’ blessings, expectations, shining in the night sky.The fourth dimension of performance space: the composition of urban building lighting landscape.△ (rehearsal scene) The city building lights are varied and organically integrated, both relatively independent levels and interwoven with each other, forming a strong visual impact effect of naked eye 3D and constructing an immersive performance space.Shenzhen has also created intelligent robots for the Winter Olympics. Some of them wear the costumes of 56 ethnic groups and wave the flags of the Winter Olympics.Some incarnation ski skater, vivid lovely.▽ (Rehearsal scene) Vivid and lovely atmosphere of the Winter Olympics!After watching the spectacular opening ceremony, we will stay tuned for the latest news and wish the Chinese Winter Olympic team great success!Source: NetEase Finance, Crystal News, CCTV News, Shenzhen TV Shenshi News

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