Car ceos’ Verbal battles in those years

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Firecrackers crackling in the New Year, meaning to drive away evil and usher in the New Year.And throughout the transformation of the global auto industry, car company leaders are also in the field of public opinion, constantly fight, of course, this is not not “overturned” or be “hit in the face” embarrassment.Today, we will dish a dish of recent time since, the car enterprise CEO had fought the “mouth war”.In January this year, Carlos Tavares, CEO of Stellantis Group, the world’s fourth largest automobile manufacturer, said in an interview with European media that electrification was not the technology of choice.”Clearly, electrification is a technology chosen by politicians, not by industry,” he said.He expressed his dissatisfaction with the EU’s decision to ban the sale of petrol cars from 2035.He believes that such a “one-size-fits-all” approach, forcing all car companies to go electric, is not good for business development, nor is it the most effective way to deal with climate change.He also stressed that all-electric cars only appeal to “environmental addicts” and have no lower carbon emissions than hybrids.However, while “scold niang”, while “Suckling”, Tang Weishi’s remarks also made the industry feel confused.In July last year, At EV Day, Stellantis announced that it would fully electrify 14 of its brands and invest more than 30 billion euros (214.9 billion yuan) by 2025. It also unveiled four electric-only platforms covering all brands and segments of the group.After this fierce operation, everyone didn’t know whether to believe Tang’s honest “doing” or “saying”.Honda CEO Toshihiro Mitabe: Toyota’s hydrogen strategy is wrong!In January this year, Toshihiro Mitabe, CEO of Honda Motor co., abruptly concluded that hydrogen energy has no future.”Honda has studied the possibilities of every technology route that exists.For hydrogen fuel cell engines, we found some big technical challenges.We decided about a decade ago that hydrogen fuel cells were not going to be mainstream.”He said.In his criticism of hydrogen, Mitabe also acted like a tiger – he actually urged Toyota, which has long been deeply involved in hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles, to abandon the road of no return.After all, a decade ago, no one was optimistic about the future of pure electric cars powered by lithium batteries. Ten years later, global sales of pure electric cars are booming and their market share is rising. Who would have thought this would happen?Hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, which emit only water, have been seen as the ultimate clean energy solution after electrification.While the immediate difficulties are clear, it would be shortsighted to impose a death sentence so early on this new thing.If he gets hit in the face one day, will he feel embarrassed?Toyota Chairman and CEO Akio Toyoda’s hatred of electric cars seems to have long been a topic of conversation.Since 2020, he has publicly blasted electric cars on several occasions.In December 2020, he publicly claimed at the Annual meeting of the Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association that the role of electric cars is being overhyped, claiming that electric cars will kill business because they require huge investment and emit more carbon dioxide.In September 2021, Mr. Toyoda again warned that the government’s electric car goals were unrealistic and would be devastating to the Japanese economy.Mr. Toyoda noted that manufacturing is the lifeblood of Japan’s economy, with Japanese automakers producing about 10 million cars a year at home, half of which are exported.If the Japanese government were to go straight to all-electric vehicles, that would mean a loss of 8 million cars a year, and Japanese manufacturers would be hit hard.Then, in December 2021, a viral photo smacked Toyoda in the face.In the photo, he stretches out his arms as if embracing a new age, with a full line of Toyota electric cars behind him.On that day, he announced an investment of 4 trillion yen (221.8 billion yuan) to build a full range of 30 electric vehicles by 2030, aiming to increase global sales of pure electric vehicles by 3.5 million a year by 2020.This slap, really hurt…Last December, at the annual brand event NIO Day, William Li, founder, chairman and CEO of NIO, asked the media three questions: “I have no idea why people still buy gas cars.How nostalgic does it take to buy a gas car?What’s better than the smell of gasoline?”This paragraph of speech, triggered many netizens dissatisfaction, “arrogant”, “confident”, “exaggerated reality” ridicule.Undeniably, after years of accumulation, China’s electric vehicle market has ushered in the outbreak.However, at the present stage, electric vehicles still have many pain points that have not been solved, such as severe attenuation of range in winter, the persistence of range anxiety, and the application area of pure electric vehicles is still limited.Moreover, more than 80% of the market share of new car sales in China is still fuel vehicles.A little achievement on the “exaggeration”, boasting of “only pure electricity theory”, which deviates from the coexistence of a variety of energy and power forms of China’s automobile industry in the future for a long time to experience the direction of development.Obviously, li Bin’s this SAO operation, we do not pay!