Huizhou products 3d animation production, 3DSMAX 3D animation production

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1. Both parties communicate and understand customer needs;2. Analyze customer needs and understand product information;3. The production company shall provide a preliminary plan for customer review;4. The client decides the plan, and both parties decide the specific time and price;Shadow morning culture is good at solving industrial products | | | engineering construction of the three dimensional animation requirements, and product factory | | corporate videos and all kinds of MG animation production requirements.5. Both parties sign the contract and the customer pays the advance payment;6. The customer shall provide relevant detailed information;7. The animation company started production.Second, pre-production requires preliminary planning and design, including script creation, lens creation, modeling design and scene design, before computer production of 3d animation of mechanical products.1. According to the previous modeling design, the designer of the production company draws the role model in the computer through 3d modeling software;2. Give realistic surface features to the model, and paste 2d pictures on the 3D model through software calculation to form surface details and structures;3. Simulate light type in nature and artificial light type;4. According to the principle, use the camera tools in 3d animation software to achieve the shooting effect of script design;5. According to the storyboard, use the designed modeling to make animation segments in 3d animation software.6. According to the setting of the scene, material, map, light, etc.And by the program to draw a complete picture or animation.