Our math teacher is very helpful

2022-05-18 0 By

Just now, we have a parent in our parents group, with the math teacher reflect, he said, we are the group of inside hair too much, some content of mathematics hair we are not, so he hoped that the math teacher can pull a grade four math alone so a group of separate, I also echoed inside and I said,Must pull a mathematical group alone, if you don’t get the teacher, I’ll get that I had said this, after about two or three minutes later, the teacher can send a qr code, hope that we can sweep yards into the mathematical communication group, this group is dedicated to the exchanges the release of the mathematics subject, mathematics the photos of the poster can be, in addition,We have a separate grade four English group, the English group is a English teacher before a separate English group is now the main problem is the language of this group of inside, because the Chinese teacher is the teacher in charge, in him so much, for example some messages about control epidemic situation, about Chinese things anyway,So the teacher in the hair of some math things like ah, we are not to see, that is to say, soon the content of the math teacher will be screened off, you have to find a long time to find, now well, alone made a math money, for our parents.We can see in time, about some of the math in time some of the homework and news, so good so ah, in the end I will point in the back of the praise, the teacher I said our math teacher is very powerful, thank you teacher ah!