What’s the difference between women aging fast and women aging slowly?After 45, there are five more traits to be happy about

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Women are more concerned about their appearance, as the growth of age, will gradually find their body began to appear signs of aging, the heart is very nervous.When I look at my peers who are still very young and my face is slowly getting wrinkles, I can’t help wondering why she is aging slowly and I am aging so fast.What’s the difference between women aging slowly and women aging fast?Although around the age of 45, the human body gradually begins to age.But everyone ages at different rates.Some women may be in their 50s and still look like they are in their 30s or 40s.There are women in their early 40s with wrinkled faces and unkempt hair.It really has to do with three factors.First of all, the body’s own aging speed compared to healthy women, women always constantly minor illness at ordinary times, are more likely to have health problems, such as mastitis, mammary gland hyperplasia, cervicitis or some chronic diseases of women, because the disease tends to affect the person’s mental state, more prone to ageing problem.Secondly, genetic factors of female aging actually also has a concrete performance, that is menopause.And the influence of genetic factor to menopause is also relatively big.If your mother went into menopause later, you will go into menopause later.The late onset of menopause also means that the body is protected by oestrogen for a long time and is better able to maintain a youthful appearance.Staying up all night every day, drinking and smoking, engaging in complex mental activities and even going through an early menopause can age women faster.And when women are often in tension, anxiety, depression and other emotions, it will also affect the secretion of hormones in the body, thus accelerating aging.If you can make it past the age of 45, you still have five physical features that tend to indicate aging slowly and happily.Characteristics ① : emotional stability, peace of mind female body estrogen secretion will be affected by mood.When you are always able to maintain a stable mood, and the state of mind is relatively calm, in the face of life when the trivial things also calm, optimistic response, tend to be able to aging slower, the whole mood will be much broader.Feature 2: skin tight, wrinkles rarely appear in women’s aging is easier to show on the face, especially the corners of the eyes, corners of the mouth and other parts, the appearance of fine lines are often aging traces.But around 45 years old can still maintain a delicate and shiny face, and few spots, etc., also indicates that the body metabolism is relatively fast, the speed of aging is relatively slow.Women who age more slowly tend to be healthier and have regular menstrual cycles in their mid-40s than those who age more quickly.But it’s important to note that menopause is not always better later.When you are over 55 and not menopausal, you should be aware of problems with your ovaries.The aging of the body is also a great test to the individual’s physical fitness.Women who age more slowly have a better body even into their mid-40s.Can insist on doing exercise every day, lifting heavy objects is not easy to lose energy, will not be a little exercise a few times began to pant.Feature 5: High quality of sleep menopausal women are prone to poor quality of sleep, which is caused by the reduction of estrogen secretion brought by aging, disturbing the hormone secretion in the body, thus breaking the law of sleep.But after the age of 45 can also ensure a good quality of sleep women, indicating that the body is aging relatively slowly.If you’re happy with all of these traits, you’re still aging at a slower rate and can continue to do so.1. Aging isn’t just in the face!These 10 Signs you’re Getting Older · HealthTimes ·2022-1-182. 5 Things That Make Women’s Ovaries Fail Prematurely3. The real culprit of aging has finally been found