A note on February 8

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The remains of life constitute the ashes of nothingness, and this is earth.Nihilism is only an adjective, which defines and modifies “ashes”. Ashes are still existing, but not complete nihilism.Ash is the site, and also the confirmed destroyed.From life to ashes, the middle experience is violent destruction.This process is bound to be painful, but it is also certain, not as terrible as dying in the unknown, at least we have “certain”, certain death is far better than uncertain life.In this sense, the word nihilism not only describes the result, but also condenses a history of ashes.It is moving, living history, but the host of history is dead.This is the real taste of earth.The “earth” can feed it with nutrients and bury new ash.Ash has no age limit, as long as certain destruction leads to self-affirming death, then whether youth or old age, has melted into ashes, talk of the grass.The most original attitude of life is “wood”, a stroke a na, a horizontal a vertical, alone, independent wilderness.At the foot of nature is “earth”, which stands upon certain death and living history.Think of it, too, as a budding root whose body still lurches upward under the marked horizon.It has three roots, three, nine, three multiples, extremely many words, no actual reference.Out of the universe of certainty and destruction, the unknown is coming.The soil can give him nourishment, give him water, give him a place for his roots, but it can also drown the life that considers itself “dead”, the nothingness that has long been newly determined.From root to top, water flows;Resort to the outside, in the leaves and branches of the steam, water suddenly disappeared.This is water.Wood needs, but water cannot last long.He is different from “earth”. Although ash symbolizes nothingness, it does exist and is full of certainty. It also contains the living history of death that sustains life.Although “water” is also necessary, it is uncertain that it is not found in the track, and it is also in the cycle of gain and loss and loss, following its own calendar.Just as the so-called “draw a knife to cut off water and water flow more”, this cycle cannot be caught, nor can it be suspended, he can bring the intoxication of joy when he comes, but also can let a person infected with the persistent disease of melancholy when he leaves.Satisfying happiness is like the wrench on the assembly line, which can only turn one screw at a time, and like the circulation of the season, which can only see one color at a time.There are Spaces, there are ellipses, there are twists.It is as futile to cling to the sight of enchantment, to prolong the time of the taste on the tongue, as it is to command the ebb and flow of the tide, to change the taste of the landscape from sweet to bitter.The bitter process is like a burning fire that devours dry wood, and when you consume an album that is slow like a tree ring with the feeling of fast food, what comes to your ears is torture and self-abuse, not enjoyment.This is the reflection of “water”, called desire.Once the desire piles up, it burns, and the burning process is called fire.Desire is born in the void of nothingness. Although it is not the rainy season, the water is still flowing. The “water” created by the fervent desire makes nothingness burn, and also makes “wood” flammable.This illusion is also “fire”, either from nothingness or from water.Heraclitus says that the world is an eternal fire, burning at a certain point, and dying at a certain point.Fire and passion are naturally connected, extinguished in ashes, and the beginning of burning in water, wood, in nothingness.Wood, the son of soil, the river of water.To the death of life, back to forget chuan eye view.Ashes of the burning air were originally harbors of life, harping in uncertainty, of fear and longing for comfort in experience, of impatience and of uncertain fortune in the future, of nothing but feathers burning in wait and leaves on fire.Although the experience of torture and failed to arrive at the other shore with life, but the grinding income, all into aloes.”Whoever does not destroy me will strengthen me.”Nietzsche is absolutely right.Sacrifice as the relics in the fire was not destroyed, is the essence of civil, water and soil raw wood, the wood bath fire either earth, where no corrosion which weave, the burning of life experience and never part of annihilation, have “wood” root for the dome, on the basis of “soil” homestead, store a little sign of the “fire”, of “gold”.Solid as a rock, but willing to do.