Fighting against the epidemic brave as huidong port women have power

2022-05-19 0 By

The virus is a ruthless woman.For days, in the face of the sudden outbreak, port resort FuWeiHui positive response to the call of the county women’s federation, under the unified deployment of working in port, fully concentrate the power of epidemic prevention “she”, group of female volunteers, authority party member cadre staff actively involved in the first line resistance to disease, full escort, do “goalkeeper” waiter “advocate”, “”With the strength of “half the sky” to build a strong epidemic prevention and protection wall, with practical actions to spread positive energy among women.Fighting against the epidemic, female volunteers worked day and night to coordinate with villages (communities) and relevant functional departments to conduct comprehensive screening of key groups of people and control of key places, and to carry out patrols in important areas under their jurisdiction.At the same time, he urged all enterprises and schools to do a good job in epidemic prevention and control, and continue to make concerted efforts to fight the epidemic.A large number of female volunteers have been mobilized online and offline, playing a positive role in the fight against the epidemic.Online wechat groups were used to popularize knowledge of epidemic prevention and control and remind the general public to take good care of themselves.Epidemic prevention notices and vaccination proposals were posted offline in prominent places such as villages (communities), and leaflets were distributed door-to-door to guide residents to form a consensus on mass prevention and control and create a favorable atmosphere for public opinion.At the same time, we will set an example and mobilize the enthusiasm of women and families in scientific prevention and control, sounding the trumpet for the all-directional fight against the epidemic.They also participated in volunteer service activities at the 1777 nucleic acid sampling site in Xianghai, including personnel on duty and input of nucleic acid information collection codes. They helped maintain the order of the site, guided the diversion of people, and guided mobile phones to operate nucleic acid codes, ensuring the high-speed operation of nucleic acid sampling.In the coming years, the Women’s Committee of the port resort will continue to focus on the epidemic prevention and control needs and based on the prevention and control capabilities, play a unique role, strengthen the guidance of female volunteers to show their responsibility and demeanor, and make the epidemic prevention and control more warm and vigorous.