Interested in SUV users, these three strength of the SUV want to see?

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Interested in SUV users, these three strength of the SUV want to see?Thank god. I wonder if you miss me?First sincerely thank you for your great driving, and wish the screen in front of the Jiang Dong father promotion, all the best, and then please the following content:As we know, the suvs as field of vision is broad, not only has the burden of engine is small, low maintenance costs outstanding advantages, at the same time, the three power output is readily available, is “the SUV” comparable competitive, so by the trust of a little sister, today I talk to gang further out of the name, the appearance is not low SUV,Hopefully, I can give you some multi-layered advice.No1: Haffer M6 sales situation: Haffer M6 is carefully built by the Great Wall Motor, since the debut of sales has been very outstanding, at the same time, haffer M6 price is low, at the same time, has won the trust and praise of more and more consumers.According to the author, the performance of Haf M6 has been setting a new record again recently, with the sale of 8,700 units, ranking the 32nd in the sales list. It has become one of the most eye-catching high-level SUVs in the automobile market, almost perfectly beating many strong models in the SUV group.Although haval M6 still has some areas not recognized by the market, I still choose to believe that the core influence of Haval M6 is quite sharp.The reason mainly lies in hafu M6’s superb market influence is the market consumer all see in the eye.I think: hafu M6’s charm can be said to be unlimited, it is expected that the next month’s sales performance is bound to go up a step.The appearance level of Hafer M6 is relatively high, the car paint process is particularly unique, and the gleaming waist line of Hafer M6 is full of feeling, which just matches the personalized needs of many little brothers.In addition, gleaming in the head, at the same time, the design of the whole line relic of ground, very smooth family-owned waist line rose slightly, the contour is also becoming more sharp and chic, very smooth with bony, shining and dazzling LED shining headlight, the lines of the external and internal style is quite careful, does not like the previous old so conservative.Figure part: There is no doubt that the passenger position and internal space of Haffer M6 are really comfortable, and create a very comfortable feeling for the public. In fact, the rate is undoubtedly quite in place, and it is not an exaggeration to say that The Haffer M6 is universal storage.The whole length of the car is 4664mm, width and height respectively reached 1830mm and 1729mm, even if the rear seat space is easy to sit a lot of small friends.So Haval M6 is more practical.On the other hand, the Rear of the M6 is very good loading performance, can also be packed into a lot of gadgets.The feeling to the public is very practical, so I feel very happy.In terms of power performance, I feel that Hafer M6 is still very strong, because its power is 150PS, and the transmission device adopts the market mainstream 7 wet double clutch, so it seems that The Hafer M6 is absolutely strong regardless of acceleration or starting process.To meet the majority of salaried gens transport needs.And aluminum alloy is a major feature of Harvard M6, the real flash point of this material lies in high temperature resistance.At the same time, Hafer M6 more concentrated on deep turbocharging technology, after many inquiries that hafer M6 displacement options only 1.5T, car friends word of mouth: Hafer M6 in the field of 9W grade SUV is absolutely targeted.The appearance level of Hafer M6 is very consistent with the unique needs of young ladies, the whole body is full of quite obvious scientific and technological atmosphere, very good-looking.In addition, the rear row seat space of Haffer M6 is also quite spacious, sitting in the inside will not feel crowded, and the Haffer M6 is also very easy to drive, which must be why haffer M6 so popular with car friends one of the most important factors.Car friends comment 2: The fuel consumption performance of this Haffer M6 is very worthy of praise from the little brothers, mainly due to the accuracy of the haffer M6 process has been greatly improved, so it can match more and more young car owners’ psychological expectations.In many cases, my harvard M6 is usually run more urban and rural roads, occasionally run desert of what, to my surprise, the harvard M6 fuel consumption is not particularly high, normal word the whole consumption value is less than 7.9 litres, the harvard economic efficiency should be in the normal range of M6, presumably can be called is the king in the SUV.Therefore, I am pleased. My colleagues all say that the fuel consumption performance of Hafer M6 is grounded, but if it reaches the Gobi region, the fuel consumption is bound to be slightly higher.The major companies are finally paying for most of the gas, so you don’t have to worry about gas mileage on your Harvard M6.Even though the temporary adjustment time is not very long, I firmly believe that after the run-in period, the fuel consumption of Harvard M6 can be reduced a little.Car friend honest evaluation: I think the suspension seems to be a little hard, although the Hafu M6 opened a commercial car feeling, but every time into the bumpy road, feel quite uncomfortable.If you’re an elderly granny, it might be a little uncomfortable to sit inside.Then hafer M6 engine noise reduction processing is not good, especially to potholes and steep slope of the road is more serious, there is a strong sense of lag in the process of driving at low speed, some small also reflected some problems: such as 1.The smell of harvard M6 is quite serious.The bluetooth headset sometimes has abnormal connection. 3. The fuel consumption is a little high.Before the face of feats, very imposing manner, like a cow, China open style is very terrible, look up, and a proud KX3 run the doorknob ingeniously joined the family of dongfeng yueda kia have distinctive features characteristic of chrome plated parts wing type led headlamps quite a character, like fierce like eyes on both sides,And the side of the whole body of KX3 proud running is very smooth, the side waist line is particularly round and soft, all the way through the tail area of KX3 proud running, giving us a special feeling of expensive gas safety.At the same time, the car body paint has been polished to make the appearance of the top level.The KX3 is best described as a blockbuster.The tail is the advantage of family style, and the taillight also adopts the treatment of blackened, looks very good, therefore, many friends have this feeling: THE overall appearance design of KX3 is particularly innovative.My former best friend bought the KX3 in the first place probably because she liked the way it looked.Professional brother Zhong commented: every time my hands disposable silver is not enough, I often go to the terminal store test drive, at present I feel the new KX3 proud run noise reduction effect is very good, open very quiet, even if the quality of KX3 proud run so heavy, but also so long, but the performance is very beautiful.The third model hafu first love 78,900 ~ 112,900 appearance design: appearance, the car’s head or super free and easy, the family style of the front face grille trim is more bright, at the same time the overall temperament sense has also been widened!The whole chassis design belongs to flat design, the whole still belongs to the style of biased movement.The waist line of the car side has chrome-plated wheels commonly used by administrative SUV, slender and handsome, in addition, the new Love seems to go is pragmatic + low-key style, its tail is very characteristic, generally speaking, love is quite tangible hafu has a special spirit.All in all, Harvard’s first love is very good-looking!Interior superiority hafu first love many places can reflect the careful manufacturer.With enough materials, the assembly process is particularly sharp, and the error is small, which is a fair evaluation of Harvard’s first love.In addition, the steering wheel component of hafu’s first love is very light, feel very good, the direction is also very accurate, the overall control experience is passable.Commendable is, hafu first love passengers sitting back Angle and surface materials are very comfortable, support is also very good, the internal filling is mainly feel soft high-quality fabrics filled, can not be said to have any defects, at the same time hafu first love smell is less.And the noise inside the car is basically inaudible.So the long term experience is safe and reliable.In terms of power, the instant start process of Hafu’s first love can be said to be very fast, just like silk stockings milk tea as silky, accelerating the performance of zero delay, as long as you boldly step on the accelerator, the effect of speed immediately erupted out.And it’s very pleasant to drive.Noise reduction performance is also very in place, usually do not carefully observe, feel very quiet, in addition, because the power is very eye-catching, and xiaobian is usually mostly attendance, so there is no need to do too much optimization of the power system.Car buddy comment 1: I think going out with Harvard’s first love is pretty cool.Realistic front shape, headlights look very handsome, brightness is also quite good.It is worth noting that the first love door handle and face in the net have been smoked black upgrade, silver chrome pretty beautiful, and decorative strip complementary advantages, look up very fashionable and beautiful, in addition, the first love hub design is more good-looking, the size is also very coordinated, the overall shape is very good-looking.It can be said that this is the author’s favorite style.The side lines are also very touching to me. The surface of the decorative board is inlaid with the unique LOGO of the Great Wall Motor family, revealing the free and chic noble sense.Sound insulation effect in the same level of competing SUV is particularly good, I enjoy the quiet environment.Harvard first love fuel consumption performance is acceptable, not high.In general, hafu first love cost performance or “thief” praise, the top version of hafu first love “unexpectedly” less than 110,000 tickets on the transaction, particularly good there is no dissatisfaction with the place.Car Friends comment 2:Rich generation next was no problem, it is very good face, common car I was embarrassed to go out, but to start the car, every time I and his wife and children to go out, do business or go out to have “face” feel special, touch the steering feel comfortable and at the same time science and technology are also very cool, my child always asked me outside at first love is what?I told you Love Love was your dad’s ride.Another is the feeling of operation, sometimes talking about business really upset and tired, want to have a good rest when driving, this car can be said to meet my driving needs and desires.Car friends comment 3:Satisfied, I’m very pleased with at the first love, of course, is, is not only good price, and open at ordinary times also is very comfortable, I grew up like a car, after a long struggle, finally is to buy a car at the first love of my own to ride comfortable, open and taste wonderful, especially with the boss level of enjoyment, and fuel consumption is not high also, is meets the requirements of my commute.Car friends review 4: Hafu first love power is very strong, Hafu first love to open like an electric car, control did not have to say, Hafu first love main technology is control, especially in the high-speed corner can obviously feel the advantages of driving.This article summarizes the above mainly shared haval M6, KX3 and Haval First love, the SUV with the lowest price is Haval M6, followed by Haval First love, the higher price is KX3 Proud Run, worthy of our focus is that the vehicle recommended retail price and 4S transaction price is very different.Among them, Hafu M6 lowest 4S quotation needs 6.69W big yuan, and KX3 proud run and Hafu first love are 10.03W, 10.09W respectively, thus it can be seen that the price gap between the three is relatively large, I do not know the above to share these SUV which is the audience like it?Finally, I wish my dear friends 100 feet pole head, carefree.If you like this article, don’t forget the key three.Want to know more exciting content, come to pay attention to Wangwang review car