Shen Mengchen this fashion really do not understand, directly cover half of the “gunny bag clothes”, fashionable personality and rob the mirror

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Fashionable and personalized clothing is very popular among young girls. It is the trend that people like to pursue at present. It is not only unique but also easy to attract the focus.For the girl who likes to show her personality, if she goes out, she will wear her own personality, or she won’t go out.So fashionable personality wear how to wear to show characteristics and do not go wrong!In fact, such collocation should not only choose suitable clothes style, but also be a great highlight in color matching. Moreover, the single product of different styles needs some small skills to be worn, and the collocation of the whole model should also follow the current popular weather vane.Shen Mengchen this fashion really do not understand, directly cover half of the “gunny bag clothes”, fashionable personality and rob the mirror.If has the attention on Shen Mengchen girls at ordinary times, you will find her on the outfit have their own personality characteristics, rarely saw her trample ray, whether to attend the activities or daily wear take all can show their superior figure scale, and the tall figure is able to handle all kinds of difficulty, not only show the aura also mature western style of high atmosphere.For example, this trendy winter outfit, even in cold weather, is not forget to show off the advantage of the body, the beach look can show off the unique style of clothing and slim waist, tall and slim, stylish eye-catching.The wear in the winter, the most common of which are various knitting item of warm, soft waxy comfortable and warm, such as sweaters, knitwear and so on knitting clothing material, and different style different color can highlight the fashionable glamour of knitting item, whether single wear or as a coat, inside take can show personality knitting item.The mattan half-cut waist sweater chosen by Shen Mengchen in this model, the material of mink velvet not only improves the texture of the model but also shows the lazy temperament of gentleness and spontaneity, and the soft and comfortable feel also makes the whole person look gentle and atmospheric, even if the design of half-cut waist is warm and good-looking.Actually qiu dong wear build, a lot of people can consider how to wear ability keep warm, often can ignore fashionable feeling and individual character sense, can choose the dress that designs a feeling rarely, can choose colorific collision on collocation or it is style mix build, also can earn sufficient focus so.But to the girl character that likes to go after fashionable feeling, before temperature, grace can give priority.Shen Mengchen this body modelling although good-looking, but not warm enough, mattan mink soft half jacket fold wear white T-shirt, regardless of the style of clothes or color collision can highlight a common collocation foundation, but the waist position is easy to catch cold.The bottom of mink velvet is tassel design, appears to be more publicity personality, the wind and move, or very good to see.If you are not a girl with a very prominent figure, it is not recommended to choose the waist top. The waist top design has high requirements on the waist line. If it is not well matched, it is easy to expose the small stomach, which will be hot eyes.After all, there is no Shen Mengchen so out of the figure, and in the design and color collocation is also very rob the scene, although it is half of the design, but the tassel design beside the left and right sleeves, let this half of the blouse looks like a neck, loose and stylish design is a model show feeling, warm at the same time there is artistic atmosphere.Shen Mengchen all this model not only has a personality on the selected model, is also a hotspot on collocation, pure and fresh and comfortable with dark brown and white collision not only young age reduction also full of vitality, pure and fresh sense of color to make her look more girls, and half smock show white T-shirt, long notoginseng points at the whole body, appear more slender legs, a model of aura.Small stature can be easily handled, showing tall and good-looking.Shen Mengchen chooses high-waisted black pants for her lower body. The turnip pants not only cover the wide hips but also show long and slender legs. Such pants are very suitable for those with thick legs or fat lower body, and the slimming effect is very friendly.The white line embellishments of black pants will not only be dull, but also echo with the white T-shirt, which is full of trend and personality.If the cold resistance ability is not very good girls, do not recommend wearing waist clothes in winter, warm is the most important oh!Well, the above is today’s recommendation, the pictures are from the network, if there is infringement, please contact to delete!For more information on fashion trends, please pay attention to the home page of “trend Kun Girl”!Thank you for being so beautiful and enjoying my sharing!