Wearing red wedding clothes to take wedding photos in Xi ‘an, feeling the “Classical Beauty of Chinese style” in ancient style paintings

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In The Chinese style wedding photos, the bride often takes an amazing red wedding dress as the first choice, showing the grand and grand of the traditional wedding ceremony.Therefore, in Xi ‘an, Chinese style wedding photos are more and more favored and loved by the young generation.Red wedding dress, just like love, warm and beautiful, creating a strong festive atmosphere.Traditional Chinese wedding clothes, in the cutting and design is very fine and complicated, gold embroidery line wedding clothes become gorgeous and atmospheric, flowers and other patterns of the design of the whole wedding clothes added a lot of good meaning.On the bride’s wedding day, the wedding dress is no longer just a dress, but a collection of all good wishes in a carrier.The bridegroom is bright red xi suit likewise, foil its elegant and wen Run childe breath.The groom likes to wear dark flowers, and the bride’s wedding dress on the golden embroidered line pattern corresponding to the charm of eastern classical beauty show incisively and vividly.Group fan, folding fan, pearl headdress, pearl ornament between eyebrows, jade pendant…The blessing of details has its own meaning, showing the Oriental wedding ceremony of fine and exquisite, but also represents the good wishes for the new life in the future.In order to show the classical beauty to the end, the bride and groom choose meticulous brushwork style as the overall style of the photo, low saturation color atmosphere and elegant, just like a spread for many years, highly praised ancient painting.With landscape and pastoral scenery as the background, the bride and groom sit on wooden chairs, singing harmoniously and raising their eyebrows, which is the essence of “peaceful years” represented by Chinese wedding photos.Supporting each other and gazing at each other with deep feeling, each peaceful and beautiful picture expresses our simple yearning for love “a pair of people for life”, as well as our ardent expectation of “wishing to have one heart and one white head not separated from each other”.In 2022, change into traditional wedding clothes and happy clothes with your favorite partner in Xi ‘an, take a group of Chinese style wedding photos, feel the grand and romantic traditional wedding etiquette, and long lasting good wishes ~