Yicheng Gu Shao Zhen nucleic acid test staff warm story

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In order to effectively protect people’s health and life safety, according to the current situation of the epidemic, Gushao Town carried out nucleic acid testing on the afternoon of March 15.From ancient Shao town of various industries, areas of the new era of civilization practice volunteers take the initiative to “war”, to participate in nucleic acid detection, become the indispensable backbone of the war epidemic.The battle against the epidemic is never a one-man battle.It’s a bunch of people going on and on!In the nucleic acid test of all personnel in Ancient Shao Town, yan Bingfeng, a retired soldier in Yanzhuang village, interpreted the saying that “retirement does not fade, retirement does not retreat”.He brought the army’s strict organizational discipline, rigorous work style, serious work attitude and work spirit of not fearing hardship to the nucleic acid testing front line.Yan Bingfeng, from 2006 to 2011, served in a department of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army, during which he was awarded the honors of outstanding soldier, wenchuan earthquake, outstanding Non-commissioned officer (military region), and outstanding instructor (military region).On the morning of March 16, Yan Bingfeng came to the nucleic acid testing site in Yanzhuang Village early, reminding the people to prepare valid identification documents in advance, queue up in an orderly manner, wear masks, keep a one-meter distance, and help to do a good job in information registration and on-site order maintenance.Xu Chengtao, party secretary of Yanzhuang Village, said, “During the special period of epidemic prevention and control, Yan Bingfeng from our village participated in the work day after day. During this period, he went to households to help villagers pre-register for nucleic acid tests, and also publicized epidemic prevention policies and knowledge.Now he’s helping out at the testing point with a sprained foot, which really touches us.””Nucleic acid testing is for the health and safety of the masses. As a former soldier and a member of the Communist Party of China, I am happy to do something for the village after my retirement. As long as there is a need for everyone, I should take the lead.””Yan bingfeng said.Volunteered to fight the first line of nucleic acid detection of all staff — Jigu Shao Town Health Center Zhou Yan “have you been vaccinated these two days?Mask up to cover your nose, pinch it with your hands, right, open your mouth……”In the face of every villager who came to do nucleic acid test, Zhou Yan instructed them patiently.But who knows her heart at this moment of anxiety and suffering.On March 15, zaozhuang city issued a nucleic acid test notice on yicheng People’s Hospital in Shandong province. Zhou Yan was undergoing CT examination for his father in Yicheng County.After finishing the examination to his father, Zhou Yan called the dean for the first time.As soon as the phone is connected, Zhou Yan is anxious to say: “Dean, when will our town start to detect, is the personnel enough?”Hear dean said the town has begun to test, insufficient personnel, Zhou Yan told dean, put her arrangement.Zhou Yan discussed with her husband overnight and asked him to ask for leave to come to the hospital to replace her. She wanted to go back to the unit to help with nucleic acid testing and do her duty as a medical worker.Her husband heard her arrangement, directly told her to rest assured, the hospital has me.Zhou Yan’s father suffered from severe stomach pain ten days ago and went to the hospital to check for intestinal obstruction and bile duct dilation. He has been hospitalized for ten days. His mother has been paralyzed for years, his sister is at home to take care of his mother, and his brother is out of town and unable to come back due to the epidemic.The burden of caring for their parents fell on her and her sister.But in the face of all nucleic acid tests, she said, she is a Communist party member, should not be absent.When asked zhou Yan, now you and your husband can not go home, how to do the children, Zhou Yan’s voice is very low and light, but it makes people feel distressed.She said: The child is now a junior high school student and can go there by himself. His grandmother is taking care of his father-in-law, who has been paralyzed for ten years, and cooking for the child.People are not plants, which can be ruthless, in the face of sick family, she gave up her small home to take care of everyone, is very “incompetent”, but “epidemic” in front of the situation, we said she was competent.