China Carbon Energy Investment And other four organizations have been named for falsifying carbon emissions reports

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Reporter | Hou Ruining edit | 1 for carbon emissions reporting data falsification, ecological environment was named four institutions.On March 14, interface news from ecological environment, the carbon can cast technology (Beijing) co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as carbon can cast), Beijing create carbon cast technology co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as the Chinese carbon cast), Qingdao’s new energy co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as the Qingdao bush) and testing of the liaoning province east coal research institute co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as liaoning east coal) the four institutions,In the process of carbon emission trading, there are some prominent problems, such as tampering with and forgery of test reports, making false coal samples, and distortion of report conclusions.Carbon emission trading is an important policy tool to achieve carbon peak and carbon neutrality, and accurate and reliable data is the guarantee of effective and standardized operation of carbon emission trading market.From October to December 2021, the Ministry of Ecology and Environment organized 31 working groups to carry out special supervision and assistance on the quality of carbon emission reporting in order to severely crack down on the falsification of carbon emission data of control and emission enterprises in the power generation industry and ensure the stable and healthy operation of the national carbon market.According to the Ministry of Ecology and Environment, this round of special supervision and assistance will focus on key technical service institutions and their associated control and discharge enterprises in the power generation industry, centering on key links such as coal sampling and production, coal quality testing, data verification and report preparation.Ecology environment as found that carbon can be used for editable inspection report template, tampering with Inner Mongolia erdos control line companies such as high and new material co., LTD. Of the element carbon content test report date of inspection, test date, date of report, report number and other important information that will focus were forged components deliver, monthly month detection, and delete the original test report of qr code.The company also tampered with the elemental carbon content detection results of some control and emission enterprises, and fabricated total moisture data for conversion to receive elemental carbon detection data.In the consulting contract signed with the control and emission enterprises, China Carbon Energy Investment Promised to “turn the loss into profit for the power plant carbon emission quota and realize the rich quota under the condition of unchanged allocation scheme and accounting method”.Knowing that the company did not retain historical coal samples, the company instructed several control and discharge enterprises to temporarily produce coal samples to replace the monthly mixed coal samples of 2019 and 2020 for supplementary measurement of elemental carbon content.In addition, the carbon emission report prepared by China Carbon Energy Investment Co., Ltd. has some problems, such as overstatement and concealing of important production data such as coal burning capacity, heat supply capacity and outsourced power supply, parameter selection and statistical calculation errors, and lack of quality control of carbon emission report.The second named companies, China Carbon Investment and Qingdao Xino, both had problems such as non-compliance of emission reporting procedures, inadequate performance of verification duties, inspection work going through the formalities, and prominent “pseudonym” of verification reports. They “turned a blind eye” to obvious problems such as falsification of testing reports in carbon emission control companies’ reports.The Ministry of Ecology and Environment pointed out that the project audit management system of CPEC was not in place, the technical review check was not in place, and the quality of the inspection report was poor.Qingdao XINO did not implement the relevant requirements. During the on-site inspection, it mainly walked around and took photos. It did not verify important documents such as environmental impact assessment and pollutant discharge permit, and the signers of the inspection report were inconsistent with the actual inspectors on site.In the case that the control and discharge enterprise did not have the original record of coal quality inspection, the company fabricated the content of the inspection report, indicating that the original inspection record had been checked.A fourth company, Liaoning Dongmei, is suspected of fabricating false test reports.According to the inspection by the Ministry of Ecology and Environment, since 2020, liaoning East Coal Has issued monthly detection reports of element carbon content with false dates and tampered with the date of sample receipt and detection for a number of control and discharge enterprises that sent coal samples for centralized inspection.The Ministry of Ecology and Environment said it would continue to urge and guide local ecological and environmental departments to further investigate technical service agencies and enterprises involved in the above problems, and resolutely investigate illegal activities such as data falsification, concealment and falsification.