How should manufacturing small factories develop in China?

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Small factories are mostly small-scale, risk resistance is very low, can bear limited pressure.It’s not easy to develop your own path at this time.Based on my past experience and observation communication to see if there is any reference significance.There are also some small factories around the development of a few years can develop a certain scale of large factories, there are also many small factories less than a year bankruptcy liquidation.Then I will discuss this problem in a good direction as follows: 1.This determines how big and how far your factory can go.That is to say, the owners of factories themselves are knowledgeable about the industry, even experts in the industry (of course, it is not recommended that laymen do factories).This industrial chain is divided into the upstream (raw material supply), the middle (component production) and the downstream (finished product manufacturing), so the choice of which link depends on one’s own experience and human resources.For those with technical resources, it is recommended to move to the middle and upper reaches, which can give full play to the advantages of technical focus and professionalism, with considerable profits and a large enough market, such as the production and packaging of electronic components in the mobile phone industry, mold manufacturing, PCB foundry manufacturing and other parts manufacturing with technical content.For example, Huawei, OPPO, Vivo and so on all belong to the downstream manufacturers of finished products (of course, brand manufacturers and OEM manufacturers can be distinguished here). You can see how big the market is.Each industry has a large industrial chain.Look at the industry in this way, when you know where your advantages are, you should consider the implementation of the plan according to your own production technology, equipment adoption, management mode, financial norms, personnel size, product advantages and models to design and so on.This step can save a lot of detours.2. Cost, cost, Cost Important things to say three times.This is the lifeblood of the factory, the main factors that restrict the cost: process design: this is very important in the manufacturing, like the OLED screen in manufacturing yield was not high, the production difficulty is big, lead to the high price of product sales, manufacturing investment is very big, very high risk, such as to cause a large number of quality hidden trouble, that brings is devastate.Therefore, the process design must be in the scope of their own factories can control, do not blindly pursue the so-called high profits to choose special immature process to let themselves out of the danger of control.Appropriate process is very optimistic about the cost of raw materials purchased by oneself.So the quality of process design determines whether your product performance price has a foothold in the market.Manufacturing environment: This is a big part of the cost, so it’s critical for bosses to know what they’re doing.Environmental protection costs, logistics costs, supporting costs, equipment costs, plant water and electricity management costs and so on.This is no absolutely good scheme, can only choose according to the nature of their own industry, such as the Pearl River Delta do light industry electronics is very advantageous, the cost is very optimistic.This link determines how much cost you have to use to produce your product. Of course, the lower the cost, the better. It shows that your team is very professional and pragmatic.Under the condition of quality assurance, it can also be produced at low cost, which is irresistible to guests.No relationship is as straightforward as this.This also eliminates the need to deviate from the high-risk path of illegal door.Personnel costs: not high relative to services, but not trivial.One person on the Internet, for example, earns more than three or four average workers in manufacturing.The cost of personnel in the manufacturing industry is mainly the cost of management and execution. Tai chi between departments is easy to make the operation of the whole factory decline rapidly, leading to mistakes.The cost of the factory’s mistakes is fatal.Cost results are all around the human, machine, material, law, environmental factors to determine product advantages.3. Customer selection.This link is the key to keeping the factory alive.Most factories will die in customer problems, so customers are very important, without customer support, there will be no power and vitality of the factory.However, it is difficult for small factories to have customers to choose from, and most of them are selected objects.So how do you try your best to make customers like your factory?Then comparative advantage to the talks, said in front of the industry chain layout and cost advantage is in its comparative advantage, cost advantage solutions, to provide customers rely on is the professional services, professional products, professional quality =, try my best to give the customer support, cultivating more smaller than their clients, together, this relationship is unbreakable.Word of mouth also accumulates more, so can go relatively long term.Therefore, there are many factors for the development of the factory itself, but the development of the factory also has strength and luck.I only draw these points from my own practical experience.Of course, we welcome practitioners from different industries to discuss and communicate with each other.Source: Optoelectronic Information