One Piece king 1039 words: Luo world War I famous, strength up three levels, the reward will also rise

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One piece 1039 words cartoon really wonderful, this comic drama has not according to the conventional way to think about, perhaps the next words more kay collapsed, now already a supernova world indeed, whether in or in the holy land, and the countries have been targeted by a supernova, proved that they have an unexpected potential and power, while the old don’t go,No new, but this level of leap seems to be really a bit big, so now the question comes, luo and Kidd are both relatively low reward, will they take advantage of this fight, increase their reward?Let’s analyze it.01 ROM. Loath, strength rise three levels from the land to isle and, in fact, in the world of pirates, only is to use a month’s time, this period of time, let the straw hat and a supernova changed, from the normal Ming abuse, without rhyme or reason to break the four emperor, the aunt played straight spray blood, warfare did collapse.In isle, luo attack again also does not have the same time strong isle four gear luffy is strong, four file can be played Ming no strike back, of course not rule out the bonus debut luffy new skill, and ten thousand steps back, cake island four gear luffy was Boyle bounce off easily, and the kingdom of the early 15 forty million luffy first completely scrapping, kay kay more seconds killed.However, after entering the Land of Peace and landing on ghost Island, Luffy’s first attack only left Kaido with minor injuries.Now he blew Boyle, that is to say, luo moment increased more than three strength grade, first beyond Ming, later after the wind on the road, then you can hang the four emperor to play, this ROM levels rise too fast, instead it was a bit worried about whether can live to the end, one piece, after all, there is a law, the development of early people, the easier it is dead.Will the bounty on Rowe and Kidd go up too?It was inevitable, given to the emperor four match strength, and Jason kidd as long as is escapes, they will be news hype, luffy is likely beyond 1.5 billion, and it can promote the next generation of four emperor, after defeated Ming before luffy, won the 1.5 billion price, if he put more kay beat,So luffy’s bounty is probably $3 billion off the table.And Jason kidd nature will also be world government issued the latest 5, a conservative estimate, may also have more than 2 billion reward, after all, the fruit is in a state of invincibility, once awakened, even five old star could not catch him, so before five old star discussion for the fruits of awakening, will is luo?Well, this issue of one Piece on the chat here, I hope you can like oh, picture source network, assault delete.If you like this article, welcome to like, comment and share oh, thank you for your support, later will continue to update the wonderful animation content oh, if you have different opinions, welcome to leave a message oh.