“Pan Shi City” flower appreciation, picking fashion, Spring Festival garden at the right time!

2022-05-20 0 By

During the Spring Festival holiday, citizens are coming out of their homes to the North Spring Plantation to enjoy the blooming cherry blossoms. The warmth inside is completely different from the snow and ice outside. Look at the flowers on the branches, clusters of flowers like clouds, like brocade, like snow, like jade.Excessive light flow choi tourists strolling among them enjoy the spring scenery while under a tree in front of the flower photo frames moments shuttle children bounced happily to paint in the bushes enjoying rich natural landscape besides visitors also can be in relative picking fruit and vegetable of carrot XianNenNen lush wild parsley, garden chrysanthemum lettuce…Each kind of vegetables are overflowing vitality lets a person lick one’s chaps people the most attractive is the sweet, juicy strawberries look bees are flying between the green with each strong full fruit to give a person with infinite temptation among tourists praise flowers, picking their comfortable comfortable way of travel to become citizens of this Spring Festival new fashion, end, leisure tourism