The new generation Tiger 3XPLUS will enjoy a 2,000 yuan discount

2022-05-20 0 By

Ningbo Tuorui store is the third generation Of Chery standard 4S store in Ningbo area, with perfect facilities, complete personnel and equipment, and comfortable environment.Our store this month a new generation of Ruihu 8, Ruize GXpro, new Ruize 5Pro, Ruihu 5X Hero, Ruihu 7, Ruize 5PULS, Ruihu 3, Ruihu 3XPULS ruihu 7I and other products special promotions, unprecedented efforts.Among them, Tiger 3X has arrived at the shop as follows: Tiger 3X quality enjoy version car purchase happy insurance gift: car purchase enjoy 2000 yuan commercial insurance, happy financial gift: financial car purchase enjoy high 3000 yuan subsidy, happy replacement gift: any model replacement Tiger 3X can enjoy 2000 yuan replacement subsidy, happy extended warranty gift:Free to enjoy the engine 10 years or 1 million kilometers of extended warranty, Tiger 3X quality enjoy version/Tiger 3X PLUS/ Tiger 3X Queen version of the purchase of the car that enjoy 2000 yuan cash discount + to the highest 3000 yuan financial subsidies +2000 yuan replacement subsidies.Diamond version: 1 happy out gift: cash straight down 2000 yuan, 2 joy replacement gift: replacement car purchase enjoy 2000 yuan cash subsidy (any model replacement Tiger 3X diamond version can enjoy)3 Joy financial gift: financial car purchase enjoy up to 3000 yuan cash subsidy 4 joy quality guarantee gift: car purchase enjoy engine lifetime warranty 5 Joy recommendation gift:Chery certified owners recommend new users to buy cars through the mini program “Chery Owner Club”. Owners who have already purchased cars can get a 300 yuan maintenance voucher and 10,000 points of Chery Owner Club, and new users can get a 500 yuan car purchase voucher. The activity will be held from February 9, 2022 to February 10, 2022