This is China

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Shen Yaping On the evening of February 4th, at the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, a beautiful China, a profound China, a vibrant China, a glamorous China amazed the world.As the first global comprehensive sports event to be held as scheduled since the outbreak of COVID-19, the Beijing Winter Olympics is not only a carnival of ice and snow sports, but also a big stage to tell China’s story and spread China’s voice. The opening ceremony is undoubtedly the highlight of the stage.On the first day of Spring, Beijing lived up to expectations and showed the world the magnificent atmosphere that a big country should have.This is a big, confident country.The opening ceremony began in the countdown of the traditional 24 solar terms of China, from rain to the start of spring, winter to spring, everything is born, the four seasons in the cycle of picturesque mountains and rivers…Just as a drop of ice-blue ink is transformed into the water of the Yellow River, these poetic Chinese spirit convey to the world the Chinese people’s outlook on life, values, history and the universe, as well as the cultural confidence of a great country.This is a big country at its ease.”My Country and I” was played by a trumpet player in the process of losing his teeth, as young and as soulful;”Ode to the Olympics” was sung by 44 children from the depths of Taihang Mountain, whose faces were flushed by the mountain wind and whose voices were like the sounds of nature.There are many ordinary Chinese of different height and height, showing the high spirit of the opening ceremony…There is no flamboyance, no need to deliberately elaborate, every Chinese is leisurely, has the opportunity of life, has the stage to pursue their dreams.This is a big and open country.19 world famous songs accompanied the athletes entering the stadium;Each white snowflake represents a participating country (region);76 young people from all over the world walked side by side. Behind them, a picture of the village of the earth sharing weal and woe and striving for their dreams and passions unfolded slowly.This is not an “I”, but a “we”, each with its own beauty.In traditional Chinese culture, “The world is one, the world is one”. It is also today’s China, embracing all winds with an open mind.This is a big country with responsibility.The burning torch is no doubt a symbol of the Olympic spirit, but the torch lit by a small flame illuminates the Chinese people’s care for the earth and the future of mankind.Meanwhile, under the premise of “simplicity, safety and splendor,” the amount of fireworks used in the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics was less than 10 percent of that used in the opening ceremony of the 2008 Beijing Olympics.Fourteen years on, the image of a more rational, responsible and responsible major country will surely win the recognition and respect of the world.On the night of The start of Spring in Beijing, the Chinese civilization and the warmth of the Olympic Movement played a magnificent movement of solidarity, peace and friendship for all mankind. The Chinese style, Chinese style and Chinese spirit conveyed from it together constitute a perfect Chinese narrative, telling a wonderful Chinese story.This story, let every Chinese blood boiling, because we are the protagonists of the story, just as the netizen said, “the pride of being Chinese beyond words”.This story resonates with the world, because the aspiration of “building a community with a shared future for mankind” represents the common interests and aspirations of all mankind. Just as foreign media praised that “China has much to learn and admire”.In the spring when all things are growing, the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games showed a more peaceful, confident, generous and broad image of a big country.This is China!This is China’s embrace of the world, and China’s posture toward the future!