Grain as the medium, sincere cooperation!”Xinzhou cereals into Xiongan” exhibition and sales activities launched

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Grain as the medium, sincere cooperation!A signing ceremony was held in the Xiongan New Area on Feb 14, 2018.Guo Bensheng, Deputy Secretary of the CPC Municipal Committee and Secretary of the CPC Politics and Law Committee, Ma Baohong, member of the CPC Working Committee and Deputy Director of the Management Committee of Xiongan New Area, Shen Jiangying, director and vice President of Xinhuanet Co., LTD., Liu Xiaochao, assistant to the President of Xinhuanet and General Manager of Hebei Branch, attended the event, which was presided over by Geng Pengpeng, Vice Mayor.The scene of the launch ceremony.Qiao Longfei Guo ran – pointed out that “xinzhou grains into male Ann” for the celebration of the exhibition activities, is the implementation of the shanxi provincial government took too Xin become integrated into the beijing-tianjin-hebei integration economic zone construction and service male major deployment of new important corridor, is the implementation of xinzhou city party and government delegation male Ann district inspects joint symposium of the spirit of important results.At present, the construction of Xiongan New Area is in full steam, and the construction of Taixin Integrated economic zone is starting strongly. Xinzhou, as the “Capital of Grains in China”, is the nearest prefecture-level city from Xiongan New Area in Shanxi, and is the pacesman of Taixin Integrated economic zone facing Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei, and the bridgehead of Xiongan New Area with all-round high-quality services in Shanxi.This event marks the beginning of the sincere cooperation between Xiongxin and Xiongan with grain as the medium. We should take this as an opportunity to fully display xinzhou’s high-quality products and xinzhou’s open image, and root a seed of hope in Xiongan.Representatives of relevant departments and enterprises at the city and county levels should seize the rare opportunity of exhibition and sales to show the most abundant varieties of coarse grains, the best quality products and the best services to the people of Xiongan.Xinzhou coarse grain product quality is good, rich brand, unique taste, through the exhibition and marketing activities, I hope the xiongan people eat a good xinzhou coarse grain taste, more like Xinzhou coarse grain food, with a good start as an opportunity, the two struggled to write towards the development, collaborative development, integration of development of the spring story.At the signing ceremony.Qiao Longfei perturbation horse Qi hon, said male Ann district for “five new” target gripper, promote implementation of the “eight focus, eight cohesion” work, vigorously carry forward the rain or shine, the hardships of the day and night work style, dare word pledge, dry word palm, push open the new situation, new district to undertake organization project construction progress was made in reform and opening up new strides, the ecological environment to show new look,People’s livelihood has been improved, and social governance has been upgraded. The New District is striving to build itself into a national model of high-quality development in the new era and a wonderful model city that our heart yearns for.At present, Xiongan New Area has entered an important stage of undertaking Beijing’s non-capital functions and promoting large-scale development and construction simultaneously. The accelerated implementation of Xiongan High-speed railway will definitely link Xiongan and Xinzhou more closely.This exhibition and sales activity is a grand event for the new District to open its doors, introduce high-quality agricultural and sideline products, and strengthen communication between girls and males. Let’s seize the opportunity, build on the momentum, promote “big exchanges” through “small grains”, continue to deepen all-round and multi-field exchanges and cooperation, promote the implementation of major cooperation projects, and jointly achieve higher quality development.”As the national team and main force of Internet news communication, it is xinhuanet’s duty and mission to tell the stories of China and other places well and to promote industrial development.”ShenJiang baby mentioned in his speech, xinhua net platform “back China” will take advantage of “technology + media”, xinzhou characteristic agricultural products enter into male new district and set up channels of the beijing-tianjin-hebei region, fu can “xinzhou grains” brand in the “quality, culture, marketing” and so on all dimensions of digital transformation and upgrading and innovation services, expand the male Xin both the coordinated development of industry “ecosystem”,To serve the millennium project, escort national affairs and help revitalize rural areas.During the event, the participating leaders came to each booth in 14 counties (cities, districts) of the city to understand product information and sales situation in detail, encouraging merchants to further improve the level of integrity management, jointly create a good consumer environment, and effectively improve the sense of gain, security and satisfaction of consumers.After the launch ceremony, xinzhou City people’s Government and Xinhuanet Co., LTD., Xinzhou City Bureau of Agriculture and Rural Affairs and Anxin County Bureau of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, Xinzhou City Grain Industry Development Center and never night city Culture tourism Development Anxin County Co., LTD. Signed cooperation agreements respectively.It is reported, “xinzhou grains into the male,” a month-long exhibition activities, anxin baiyang lake city that never sleeps has installed 16 booths, the arrangement of the exhibition area of 2225 square meters, a total of more than 150 enterprises, more than 200 delegates, 10 major categories of more than 300 kinds of grains colorful appearance, bring male Ann people are very good quality, there is a wide selection of grains “feast”.Agricultural Bank of China Hebei Xiongan Branch launched digital RMB full reduction preferential payment activities, with financial power to help Xinzhou cereals into Xiongan.