Japan now nuclear scorpene fish, the authorities emergency lockdown, nuclear radiation area people: plants and animals all variation

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As we all know, oil and coal belong to non-renewable resources and will only be used less and less.However, today’s industry is becoming more and more developed, and the available resources cannot meet the needs of human beings, so human beings turn to nuclear energy.Nuclear energy is much more readily available than oil, and almost any power plant can be built using it if the technology is mastered.While mankind is using nuclear energy to bring convenience, it also brings great disaster to mankind.Once used improperly, it will cause nuclear pollution, which will not only damage human health, but also endanger life in serious cases. At the same time, it will have a great impact on the ecological environment, making it difficult for human to live in a hundred years.So how terrible is nuclear contamination?The people of Japan’s nuclear radiation zone will tell you that the plants and animals have all mutated.Recently, Japan again appeared nuclear scorpionfish, according to fukushima fishermen said: caught black scorpionfish, visible to the naked eye can directly see the abnormal light, the body may contain a large amount of nuclear elements.Japanese authorities in the first time on the emergency blockade of the listing, this move undoubtedly makes people have bad association.Japanese media confirmed that the captured scorpene fish was detected in the body, activity as high as 1400 becquerels per kilogram of radioactive material “cesium”, seriously more than 14 times the Japanese standard, the news, international public opinion in an uproar.This is not the first time that radiation has exceeded the limit in the Fukushima area, and there have been cases of radiation exceeding the limit in the waters around Fukushima.However, the Japanese authorities have been hiding the truth from the outside world.According to fishermen in Fukushima, Japan, fish in the sea have been mutated and deformed, and vegetables on land have also been affected, with the growth of vegetables contaminated by nuclear contamination three times larger than normal and in a strange shape.Land animals are short-tempered and will actively attack humans.The Fukushima Nuclear power plant in Japan has witnessed various nuclear accidents, including the one in 2011, which I’m sure you all remember.As Japan’s earthquake and tsunami hit, the Fukushima nuclear power plant cut off all power, resulting in nuclear power units can not be cooled, melting core, large amounts of radioactive materials released.Now, 11 years later, the area around the Fukushima plant has become a “no man’s land,” an apocalyptic wasteland where more than 200,000 people are still unable to return to their homes.However, the Japanese authorities are extremely irresponsible. Instead of doing anything to deal with the Fukushima nuclear power plant, they have dumped more than 1.2 million tons of nuclear waste water into the sea, making the whole world pay for Japan’s crimes.The Reason why The Japanese authorities dare to go against the world is entirely on the back of the United States.But if Japan goes its way, then the rest of the world will act.