Natural Stay was sued by the franchisee, which said Guan was not the subject of the contract

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Beijing News (Reporter Wang Ziyang) Milk tea company “Natural Stay” and actor Guan Xiaotong have been sued by franchisees over a franchise contract dispute.On the evening of April 6, “Natural stay” milk tea issued a statement that Guan Xiaotong is not the subject of the contract, did not participate in the company’s operation and management work, according to the network of Guan Xiaotong and the company was sued, natural stay has asked a lawyer to investigate.According to check the App shows the inner eye, recently stay “natural” milk tea affiliates natural stay in chengdu catering management co., LTD., the new file information, cause of action for the franchise contract dispute, the plaintiff for catering management co., LTD., wenzhou the defendant for natural for catering management co., LTD., Shanghai to chengdu c brand management center (limited partnership) and xiaotong guan,Handled by the Intermediate People’s Court of Chengdu.It is worth noting that guan is referred to as “the manager of Natural Milk tea” on its official website, although natural milk tea said guan was not the subject of the contract.According to the App, Chengdu Natural Stay Catering Management Co., Ltd. has two shareholders, with Chengdu Tianluck Enterprise Management Co., Ltd. holding 65 percent and Tong Mengxinyuan (Chengdu) Culture media Co., Ltd. holding 35 percent.Guan shaozeng, guan xiaotong’s father, holds 100% equity in Tong Mengxinyuan (Chengdu) Culture media Co., LTD.On the official website of Natural milk tea, Guan xiaotong is referred to as “The manager of natural milk tea”.A self-proclaimed natural stay franchisees netizen said on social media platforms, no joining trader said xiaotong guan to participate in management, franchisees want to ask is why open join without a franchise for the record, “before the Ministry of Commerce for the record is not open to join condition, the matter from the beginning to the end of natural stay restaurant did not reply any one explanation, has always been in the brief,We franchisees are not going to Sue you for nothing.”Beijing News reporter Wang Ziyang editor Zhu Fenglan proofread Chen Diyan